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Where is your next mission? Fr. Tony Mortell (:57)

“Missions, to a certain extent, have come to us rather than we going to them, and that is also an important aspect of it.”

Why the Columban Fathers? by Fr. Chuck Lintz (:41)

“I liked the idea of it being small. You get to know people better, you can bloom a little better, and strictly mission society.”

Fr. Charlie O’Rourke on God’s Gift of Peace (1:07)

In the midst of their struggles, what they were going through, to know that there was a God there for them, with unconditional love for them, made a tremendous impression on them, and it brought home the realization to me that we have a gift, and we should be sharing that with people throughout the world.

Fr. Chuck Lintz on Leadership (1:20)

“These people have gifts and talents, and helping people developing their talents and use their talents for the growth of the church, is what the pastor is about or the leader is about.”

Fr. Tony Mortell on Baptism (:36)

“My mission comes not from the bishop who ordained me, it comes from, rather, the priest who baptized me.”

Fr. Charlie O’Rourke on his Gratefullness (:36)

“I think if people realized the rewards, the happiness that comes from working with people as a priest, I think there would be a lot more people signing up for it.”

Fr. Richard Steinhilber on average men doing above-average works (:57)

“God uses us to achieve great things. In fact, I think it’s better off that we don’t have too much in the way of talents and abilities because you have to rely mostly on God for what you want to do.”

Missionary by Baptism

Father Don Kill, on being shot (6:17)

Surviving in Captivity: Father Aeden Mcgrath (2:44)