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Dialogue through Labor: Missionary Visitors

It is a curious but blessed fact of missionary life that geographical distances do not produce emotional distances. Columban missionaries often live in countries which are a long way from the countries where they were born and raised. We can …

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Connecting to Country

Opportunities Abound for Interfaith Dialogue “Country” is a word that means different things to different people. Australia is a new country now populated by people from hundreds of overseas countries. But for the first Australians, “country” means something much deeper, …

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To Dream Dreams: Turning a Vision into Reality

“Your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions” (Joel 3:1b). How wise was the prophet Joel! Well, I was once a young man with a vision. Now I am an older man, and the vision has …

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Litany of St. Columban

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy. St. Coljumban, pilgrim and wanderer for Christ, pray for us. St. Coljumban, disciple of Christ, ” St. Coljumban, true to the Word of God, ” St. Coljumban, dove of peace, St. …

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Opening the Door to Life and Salvation

Reviving a Sense of Mission Not long ago, I was asked to write an article on a papal apostolic prayer. I used to think of such prayers as long and windy, padded with unpronounceable words and hardly intelligible. This one …

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Oh Holy Night: My First Christmas in Pakistan

After applying for a visa to visit the Islamic Republic of Pakistan over Christmas last year, I was instructed to present myself in person at the Pakistani consulate for an interview. Why was I going? And, why go at this …

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A Three-Legged Camel

Christmas and family. They seem to go together like salt and pepper. The crowds at airports and the traffic on the highways as Christmas approaches provides a visual reminder that people are eager to spend time with their loved ones …

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Catholicism in Korea: The Evolution of Mission

South Korea is a nation that looks and feels rich, peaceful and confi dent. The claim to a prosperous future is tangible, although some imagination is needed to appreciate the political and economic changes that have taken place over recent …

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Mission Today in Korea

Over the last five years my work in Korea involved visiting parishes to talk about mission and invite people to join in Columban mission. During those visits I inevitably met people whose lives had been touched by Columbans. Fr. Donal …

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Expressions of Love: Serving Others, Helping Ourselves

A tall order, especially in a time when, far from wanting to serve others, we feel it is our right to be served. How we bristle and feel affronted when we are ignored or brushed off by others. Notice how subtly we manipulate people, using them to bolster the fragile “I” that dominates my life.

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