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Ecumenical Evangelization at Naleba

Voices Raised in Song Cross Barriers “We didn’t realize that they were this good.” “We will have to invite them back here again so that more people can be informed and attend.” These were some of the reactions of the …

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As We Forgive: Redemption and Reconciliation

New Year celebrations were in full swing in Namoto village in western Fiji. It was after midnight, but loud music was blaring from the radios and groups of people were noisily drinking alcohol. Samu, a powerfully built man in his …

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Fiji Day Celebrations in the Philippines

I woke up in the morning of Saturday, October 11, 2009, with a feeling of great delight and cheerfulness for it was the day we Fijians here in the Philippines were going to celebrate Fiji’s independence from Great Britain.

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What Seems Like a Series of Coincidences Is God’s Plan at Work

I couldn’t get over the scene — those two tall young Fijian women so friendly, so warm, animated and enthusiastic getting off their bus to greet my friend. They even started singing together some opening bars from a Fijian song they had taught Angelica earlier! All of this was occurring on the main street in the middle of Puerto Saavedra.

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A Week in the Life

Sometimes when we go through an intense period in our lives, it is only afterwards that we can look back and reflect on the meaning of it. I had such a week in Fiji right before I left for my vacation last year.

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The Yean Sin House

“I’ll give it a try.” For most new initiatives, someone has to step forward and say “yes.” The year was 1993, and the initiative was the newly formed Columban lay missionary program.

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‘Thanks be to God I already had the language!’

There were a lot of things going through my mind during those times, and I gained more confidence day by day by building up a vision of what I needed to do and creating a different way of doing things. I kept on learning new things and that is what a missionary’s life is meant to be.

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The Mission Cycle Turns 360 Degrees

In those intervening thirty-one years, I was privileged to see the mission cycle turn 360 degrees. Let me explain what I mean.

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To develop together, building trust in Fiji

“Give me a good reason why the Canada Fund should finance your facilitation project here in Labasa. And don’t say that it is to facilitate a development project for poor women. That is what everyone says. Give me a unique angle that will convince my boss!”

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The Heart of the Jungle

In 1973, just three short years after the British granted Fiji independence, Columban Fr. Ed Quinn arrived in Fiji where he would live and work for the next thirty-four years.

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