A Diminishing Family Value: Care for the Aged

Every year in September, Japan has a national holiday called “Respect for the Aged Day.” This year that very name has taken a battering! At age 79, Fr. Barry Cairns lives and works in Japan. It all started in June …

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Pilgrims of Christ in Peru – Part One (7:15)

Documentary about the Columban Fathers mission work in Peru. In this first part narrates the social and political situation of Peru before the arrival of the first Columban and their subsequent integration to the work of the new Lima rapidly growing product of migration from the provinces.

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Pilgrims of Christ in Peru – Part Two (8:31)

Documentary about the Columban Fathers mission work in Peru. In this second part recounts the events following the military dictatorship of General Odria. Vatican II brought many changes to the church and the Columban were flagged these reforms denouncing injustice. In the 1980s raised the possibility of leaving Peru in the wake of the terrorist violence of the era.

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Pilgrims of Christ in Peru – Part Three (9:29)

Documentary about the Columban Fathers mission work in Peru. This documentary has three parts. In this third part recounts the events from the Columban General Assembly of 1982 to dispatch the first group of lay missionaries in Peru to work in the Philippines in 2007.

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As We Forgive: Redemption and Reconciliation

New Year celebrations were in full swing in Namoto village in western Fiji. It was after midnight, but loud music was blaring from the radios and groups of people were noisily drinking alcohol. Samu, a powerfully built man in his …

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A Demographic Switch: The Korean Family Changes

Some days I wonder if I am in the same Korea that I came to in 1969. Things have changed so much. Korean society is probably one of the fastest changing societies in the world over such a short period …

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Family Life: The Privilege of a Loving Home

Family life is something my husband and I take for granted. We were blessed with great parents. They taught us, supported us, and we knew beyond a doubt that their love for us was unconditional. My first job out of …

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Families Created on the Street

Ministry to Street Children in the Philippines Among the busiest places in Metro Manila are the streets. The automobiles, bikes and jeeps cross in front of and around each other to reach their destinations on time. Heavy traffic occurs during …

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Letter from Fr. Sinnott on his return to the Philippines

Fr. Mick Sinnott started a center for children with special needs, called the Hangop Kabataan Foundation, in 1998, in Pagadian City, Philippines. The school serves dozens of children with differing abilities and special needs, including the severely challenged and deaf. …

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The Big Columban Family: Formation Highlights

Fr. Thomas Seungwon Nam, Rector of the formation program in the Korean Region, provides the following update about life in the formation house in Seoul: While many of us have had an “Is it over?” experience, an experience or change …

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