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Why go to Pakistan?

Moving Forward in Hope “Freely, you have received, freely give. Go in my name and because you believe, others will know that I live.” This hymn, along with the awareness that we are called “to act justly, love tenderly and …

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Pakistan flood relief shows donor’s generosity at work

Fr. Tomás King provided the following brief summary of the work carried out with the generous funding received from Columban benefactors and friends. It covers parishes where Columbans work plus other places where Columban funding supported relief work. Two parishes …

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Of Swords and Scholars: Working Toward Acceptance

In the middle of a prominent intersection in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, is a large modern sculpture known as “the three swords.” The founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, spoke of the three “swords” of faith, unity and discipline. Fr. …

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Columbans helping flood victims start to reclaim their lives

The relief work continues and is carried out by many different groups and organizations both inside and outside the Church. This includes some parishes which were affected by the floods and are receiving support from Columban benefactors. The relief work will continue for a considerable length of time.

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Adrenalin, spirit help Sisters through reality of despair

What happens when the adrenalin subsides and one has to face the reality? For weeks our adrenalin was pumping, wondering if the mighty Indus would invade our house and surrounding area in Latifabad, like everybody else who could afford money, we bought in non-perishable foods that would take us through the disaster.

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Pakistan update: Some good news, with hope for more

Hyderabad is out of danger. But further south, waters continue to flood from the river near Thatha. This has flooded the towns of Sajawal which is in Badin parish. Waters have reached to within 50 km of Badin city and at this stage it looks like the city will escape. The government has set up relief camps around Badin city.

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Columban priest sends update on Pakistan floods

Although the Indus River is at record flood level at Hyderabad in south east Pakistan, the city has so far been saved from flooding. Concern remains about what will happen in the next few days when further flood waters reach from upper Sindh.

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Flooding in Pakistan threatens Columbans, parishes

We get nothing from aid agencies nor from the Pakistani government nor from foreign governments nor from Caritas for the repair of these buildings. I shudder to think about what these next 10 days will bring.

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Columban History in Pakistan

In this predominantly Islamic nation, Columban priests, Sisters and lay missionaries continue to develop a mission begun in 1979. Catholics in Pakistan are a small minority of less than 1 percent of the population. In the city of Lahore and …

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Fr. Robert McCulloch: A Ministry Of Teaching & Health In Pakistan

In Pakistan, poor, mostly non-Christian families struggle to survive both in the major cities and in the desert of the SindhProvince in the south. What most consider the basics of life—such as education and health care—are difficult to obtain for most Pakistanis.

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