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Thank you for the Special Needs School in Ozamis City, the Philippines

Columban Fr. Oliver McCrossan and Virgie Vidad send a thank you to everyone who helped the Speical Needs School purchase a computer set, vestibular balls, crayons, notebooks and papers along with providing an allowance for transportation of children with disabilities.

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Grameen Bank (Philippines)

We are asking you to help Columban Father Dan O’Malley in Pagadian City. Utilizing the successful micro-lending model that was used in Kazama, he has started a Grameen Bank in Pagadian City. The need for affordable money lending in Pagadian City is great as the only other option available to the poor is the loan shark who charges daily interest at rates up to 20%.

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Pedaling to Live (Philippines)

Assists local Pedicab taxi operators earn a living wage for their families by helping them finance necessary equipment. Most of the pedicab drivers do not own their own vehicles; they rent them out by paying a daily fee. (Philippines)

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Subanen Craft Project (Mindanao)

Unique crafts and cards are created by the Subanen women who live in the mountains of northwest Mindanao. Income from the sale of their crafts help their families, their education and their land. (Philippines)

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Grameen Bank (Kazama)

Micro loans help people become small business entrepreneurs. They regain their dignity, support their families and boost the local economy. (Philippines)

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House of St. Columban Foundation (Philippines)

Fr. Don Kill takes kids off the streets and provides them with a brighter future by giving them safety, shelter, food, clothing and an education. (Philippines)

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Hangop Kabataan Special Needs School (Philippines)

Fr. Mick Sinnott’s vision helped begin this school that serves dozens of children with differing abilities and special needs, including the severely challenged and deaf. (Philippines)

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IT Works! Dependency/Addiction Counseling (Philippines)

Columban Fr. Martin Ryan incorporates vocational training with a traditional 12-step program to help sustain his substance abuse counseling programs.The recovery program is a three-month residential spiritual course of therapy. (Philippines)

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