100 Points of Light – 1946

In early 1946, the Columban Fathers, along with most of the world, were still recovering and rebuilding from the devastation of the Second World War. The war had taken the lives of a number of Columbans, and many others had …

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A Mother’s Voice

The Story of Yudi Tears flowed down the cheeks of Yudi’s face as he listened to the voice of his mother speaking through my cellular phone while he laid on his ICU (Intensive Care Unit) bed fighting for his life. …

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The Day I Became a Vegetarian

It has been three months since I came to work among the aborigines in DaHu parish. One of the things I learned about the aborigines in the parish is that they love eating meat. However, the kind of meat that …

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Trailer: Journey of the Migrant Worker (1:12)

A story of migrant workers, the jobs they seek, and the abuse they sometimes find.

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Taiwan Photo Gallery

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Columban History in Taiwan

The first group of Columban missionaries went to Taiwan in 1978. In the highly industrialized dioceses of Hsinchu and Taipei, Columban missionaries minister in parishes that include small, struggling Christian communities made up of people from different tribal and Chinese groups.

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Extra Special Delivery

Physically-challenged Chinese earn income and self-esteem by creating and shipping Christmas cards around the world. You have probably read stories about the dramatic economic growth and social transformation of China. Indeed, the changing landscape of China has been remarkable. But, …

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The Injustice Of Human Trafficking: One Man’s Story

A man’s recent experience is an all-too-common tale for migrant workers in Taiwan. Human trafficking, the exploitation of people for profit or other motives, continues to be a growing and evolving problem worldwide, especially in countries that attract migrant workers …

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Sowing Seeds & Relationships

Tabitha Bark’s organic garden in Taiwan expresses an aboriginal people’s relationship with God’s creation. For nearly 10 years, Tabitha Bark was a Columban lay missionary in Taiwan, ministering to migrant workers in Chungli City. But her passion has always been …

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Touring The New China Church

Two Columban priests learn about the Chinese Church’s exciting progress during a visit to Taiyuan. On a chilly November morning, fellow Columban Father Pat McMullan and I made our way to the Beijing West Railway Station. Earlier that morning, we …

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