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Columban Sisters: Missionary Religious Women Committed to God

The Columban Sisters are part of the Missionary Society of St. Columban but have a separate organizational structure from the Columban Fathers. The Columban Sisters are a congregation of missionary religious women whose commitment to God leads them to cross boundaries of culture, language and belief to proclaim the Good News of Jesus in today’s world.

The Columban Sisters were founded in Ireland in 1924, six years after the Columban Fathers were founded. The Sisters’ ministries include the following:

Columban Sister Bridie Lough helps many Peruvian families like this one in her mission work in Ica, Peru.

Pastoral Outreach/Presence. Columban Sisters visit people in their homes, in prisons, in hospitals and wherever people suffer and need support. It also involves the quiet ministry of dialogue, helping to create understanding with other faith traditions and with indigenous peoples.

Education. This service takes many forms, including teaching theology and Scripture, early childhood education, teaching English as a second language and working with mentally and physically challenged people.

Medical. The Sisters serve the basic health needs of the poor. They provide programs for the terminally ill, the elderly and people suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Faith Formation and Spirituality. The Sisters work in special programs and parish settings with people seeking to deepen their relationship with God and better understand their faith. They work with basic Christian communities, catechetical programs and youth groups.
Justice and Peace. The Sisters involve themselves in issues that affect the human dignity of individuals and groups. They provide education and information on the realities of global inequality and support those who struggle for basic human rights.

Social Services. The Sisters work to provide counseling and support for those suffering from abuse, exploitation and addiction.

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