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November 7, 2018

Oh dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,
I give You my whole heart.
I see Your Heart on fire for love of me.
I want to be in this fiery furnace
and know the love of God.
Take me, Jesus.
Use me as Your little servant
to spread Your love to this world.
I give myself entirely to You
and I ask the Holy Spirit
to make me more like You.
I want to be a little child of the Father.
I give You my heart,
keep me in Your Heart
and teach me Your way of love.


November 6, 2018

Dear Holy Spirit,
You are my friend.
I give You myself.
I ask You to dwell deeply inside of me
and make me holy.
I want to know the fire of God's love.
I want to love God with all my heart.


November 5, 2018

Obtain for me,
O Good Saint Anne,
the grace to fulfill faithfully,
after your example,
all the duties of my state of life
and to practice, like you,
all the virtues necessary to my salvation.
Grant that after having honored and loved you on earth,
O dear and good Saint Anne,
I may one day go to glorify you,
with God, Mary, the saints and the angels,
during all eternity.


November 4, 2018

O my God, I love You above all things
with my whole heart and soul
because You are all good and worthy of all my love.

I love my neighbor as myself for the love of You.

I forgive all who have injured me
and ask pardon of all whom I have injured.


November 3, 2018

Blessed Saint Joseph,
holy guardian of Jesus and Mary,
assist us by your prayers
in all the necessities of life.
Ask of Jesus that special grace
which He granted to you,
to watch over our home
at the pillow of the sick and the dying,
so that with Mary and with you,
heaven may find our family unbroken
in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


November 2, 2018

Lord God,
you are the glory of believers
and the life of the just.
Your Son redeemed us
by dying and rising to life again.
Since our departed brothers and sisters
believed in the mystery of our resurrection,
let them share the joys and blessings
of the life to come.

November 1, 2018

Dear God, thank you for the example of the Saints.
I desire to join in their company,
worshiping you forever in Heaven.
Please help me follow their footsteps,
and yours, Jesus Christ.
Please help me to conform myself
to Your image, seeking Your will in all things,
as the Saints did.
Please help me to devote myself,
and all that I do, to Your glory,
and to the service of my neighbors.


October 31, 2018

Heavenly Father
we thank you for your many blessings
and for the devout men and women
we will celebrate on All Saints Day.
Help us to use their lives as a model
for how to live in your honor and glory.
Protect all children involved tonights
Halloween events.
Keep them safe and free from harm
today and always.
In your name we pray.

October 30, 2018

Sanctify, O Lord,
our souls, minds, and bodies.
Touch our minds
and search out our consciences.
Cast out from us every evil thought,
every unseemly word,
every lie, every deceit,
every worldly temptation,
all greed, all wickedness,
all anger, and malice
that is alien to the will of your holiness.
Enable us to turn to You.
To call upon you
with a pure heart, a contrite soul,
a face unashamed, and with lips that are sanctified.

October 29, 2018

Make us realize, dear Mother,
that there are no people who are so bad
that we cannot say something good about them.
Teach us to speak of the good things people do,
instead of the evil.
And when we must speak of the evil deeds,
let us condemn the deed,
and not the doer.
You, Mary, are the Mother of Divine Love;
teach us to practice great charity and kindness
in all our dealings with our fellow human beings.


October 28, 2018

O God, all that I am
and all that I have is from You.
You have given me my gifts of body and soul.
You have numbered me among your favored children.
You have showered me with countless graces and blessings.
From all eternity You have thought of me and loved me.
I want to return this love
with all the powers of my soul.
Living and dying may I be Yours.

October 27, 2018

My God, 
I firmly believe that You are everywhere present 
and see all things. 
You see my nothingness, 
my inconstancy, my sinfulness.
You see me in all my actions.
I bow down before You,
and worship Your Divine majesty with my whole being.
Cleanse my heart from all vain,
wicked, and distracting thoughts.
Enlighten my understanding,
and inflame my will,
that I may pray with reverence,
attention and devotion. 


October 26, 2018

O Jesus! You have given us in the Holy Eucharist
Your Body and Blood to be our spiritual nourishment,
through which we may have life everlasting.
Would that I were now prepared to approach the Holy Table
to be united with You in the Blessed Sacrament!
I desire, with all my heart,
to receive this living Bread
which came down from Heaven.

October 25, 2018

Hear O Blessed Virgin the prayers which we address you,
Our Lady of Rest as we are mindful of that
maternal love in which you receive your children.

It is by your powerful intercession O Mary,
that our hearts and minds find rest.
We know well our own weakness;
but we trust in the everlasting promises,
and we hope for eternal happiness
as we cling to the crucified Jesus,
who has made His cross to be ours as well.

O Mary under your patronage we find peace
in the midst of earthly tribulation.
You are the quiet certainty of the strong soul,
ever on guard against the enemy.
You are the sanctuary of the pure
who remain unstained by earth’s corruption.
And just as, with you, we find peace during the present life,
so shall we find with you, when the days
of our pilgrimage are over,
everlasting peace in the world to come.


- Pope Pius XII

October 24, 2018

Jesus, my God,
You are infinitely good and perfect.
I love You above all things
and with my whole heart.
I desire to receive Your grace
that I may love You more and serve You better.
Come to me and strengthen me,
so that I may never be separated from Thee on earth
and that I may live with Thee eternally in heaven.



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