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Grameen Bank (Philippines)

We are asking you to help Columban Father Dan O’Malley in Pagadian City. Utilizing the successful micro-lending model that was used in Kazama, he has started a Grameen Bank in Pagadian City. The need for affordable money lending in Pagadian City is great as the only other option available to the poor is the loan shark who charges daily interest at rates up to 20%.

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Driving Miss Meri

As you can imagine there is a story that goes along with getting your license abroad. This is my story and I am warning you it is long, kind of similar to the process of getting my actual license, but I think it is kind of funny and hopefully worth the read.

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Escaping War, Serving God (6:10)

A story of how one man survived terror in his home country, fled to Australia, and became a priest in the Society.

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Your Will . . . God’s Will

Your will can and should be an act of thanks to God for His blessings to you. Through it you can continue to do good on earth even after God has called you to Himself. It is God’s will that …

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The Columban Charitable Gift Annuity Program

In your retirement, give yourself, and those who benefit from the work of Columban missionaries, a most precious gift! The Charitable Gift Annuity Program of the Columban Fathers dates back to the mid-1920s. A Columban Charitable Gift Annuity is a …

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In the Shadows – Part 1 (9:40)

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In the Shadows – Part 2 (7:08)

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March 2010

I am because We are is an African proverb I learned not long ago.  A Christian version of that would be,we are One Body in Christ.  When one suffers, the whole Body suffers. When one is healed, the whole Body …

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No news is good news

Not much is new with us down here. We had a regional Columban assembly last week and it was cool. We met a few people who work outside of Lima that we had not met yet. The agenda was full …

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How God calls us to take care of the Earth

In 2009, the Columban offices in the United States reduced their carbon footprint by nearly 10%. It took a focused effort, but it was an important one. Have you improved the way you live so that it benefits the environment? …

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