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A rooftop aviary in Peru

If the engineering theme wasn’t interesting enough, we found something in their house that makes this family even more interesting.

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Message from Fr. Brendan (3:23)

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Bernice: Crossing Borders More than We Know

Prior to my arrival Washington D.C., I wasn’t sure what I would gain from my summer internship. Would I just answer phone calls? Do coffee runs? Write long reports? However, halfway through it, I now understand that it takes much more than what a usual internship entails.

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The Heart of the City

As many of you know I have been studying in a different part of the city for the last couple of weeks and it takes a long time to get there by bus. We have always been intrigued with the buses here (FYI they are all run by private companies), I even wrote a blog about it some time ago. Since then I have been riding more, and for longer trips, and I have realized something…the buses are the heart of this city.

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Ana: The heart of political action

Advocacy takes an exciting tone when it is done in our nation’s capital. Before coming to Washington, D.C., the closest I came to

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The renovation of the Columban Mission Center

The Columban commitment to environmental stewardship—not to mention common sense—motivated us to acquire a property where we would be closer to the border and that would allow us to renovate and remodel in creative and energy-saving ways.

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Mass for Peace

“The people of God in Juárez continue to strongly support our weekly Mass for Peace, celebrated in the traffic circle that we now think of as ours,” Fr. Kevin Mullins wrote recently.  Fr. Kevin is a Columban Father in the …

Katie: A truly thought-provoking experience

I could either become bitter towards the whole system or I could realize that this is going to be a hard battle.

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Home is where the heart is

We are still not 100% settled but everyday we are a little closer. Meri finished her course on: “The Realities of Peru” on Friday and I am halfway done with my Spanish course. So even though we have our apartment we have not spent much time there but it feels more and more like home everyday.

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Aiding victims of exploitation, small farmers and their children

Since its beginning in 1976, Preda (People’s Recovery, Empowerment Development Assistance Foundation) has been helping Filipinos find ways out of poverty and advocating for social justice for children, women and indigenous people.

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