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CCAO Photo Gallery

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A Week in the Life

Sometimes when we go through an intense period in our lives, it is only afterwards that we can look back and reflect on the meaning of it. I had such a week in Fiji right before I left for my vacation last year.

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Katherine: Looking into the Past… or Seeing into the Future?

During the nearly 10 months that I have been here in the CCAO office as a volunteer, the issue that I have been working on the most is immigration. The parallels that I saw between the obstacles and prejudice that immigrants in the U.S. in the early 1900s faced, compared to today, were unmistakable.

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Important water resolution passes U.N.

The United Nations General Assembly has passed the Resolution on the Human Right to Water.

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Parts of Arizona immigration law put on hold

Today a federal judge blocked some of the most controversial sections of Arizona’s law, SB1070.

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Columban Campus Photos

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Ana: Faith calls us to help those in need

Since our faith mandates that we help those in need and feed the hungry, I was able to frame my argument from a Christian perspective. This meeting was a great way for me to share what I had learned and put my faith and passion for social justice into action.

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Bernice: Bill offers hope to help the hungry

This bill aims to promote community gardens as a means to address food insecurity across the United States. These gardens will help by becoming catalysts for neighborhood and community development and creating income opportunities and economic development.

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Seminarians join JPIC work

Today we welcomed our second group of summer interns- we are pleased to have Jehoon and Carlo with us for the next month.

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Trailer: Voices of the Earth (1:23)

A trailer video previewing Voices of the Earth, a 16-minute video about an organic farming effort in the township of Midsalip in the Philippines. The people work in education, organic farming and basic healthcare services. As followers of Jesus, Midsalips people are working for the life of the world.

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