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Columban Legacy (3:46)

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The Tale of Two Plaques: The Story of Captain Felix Sheehy

Sometimes in life a series of coincidences happens so quickly that one suspects a powerful yet kindly presence operating behind the scenes. I believe this is the case with Captain Felix Sheehy (1926-1999) a Belfast-born British Merchant Navy Captain and …

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Passion for justice never fades

Connections made in the CCAO bring staff and interns new insights. As the seasons change and the weather cools, we are provided with a yearly opportunity to pause and give thanks for our many blessings.  Something for which we are …

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The Lord of our Earthly Manger

For the past ten years I have been working with a group of Subanen artisans on a livelihood project.  Every year we design Christmas cards that simultaneously celebrate the story of God’s Creation and the story of God’s Incarnation.  This …

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Columbans helping flood victims start to reclaim their lives

The relief work continues and is carried out by many different groups and organizations both inside and outside the Church. This includes some parishes which were affected by the floods and are receiving support from Columban benefactors. The relief work will continue for a considerable length of time.

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Returning home, doing good

Recently I returned to the Philippines on a vacation after many years away. Currently I live in Los Angeles, California, where I am the Columban west coast mission outreach coordinator. Previously, I was a Columban lay missionary. Ariel Presbitero is …

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Going Home: A priest visits orphanage he once called home

It was the week before Holy Week when I received a phone call from Rosario Vargas, a volunteer worker at Puericultorio Pérez Aranibar, an orphanage for poor children in Peru. She was calling to inquire if I were free to …

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Rights and Duties of Citizenship

As Catholics, we are called to live a life of faith and service, to live in solidarity with our brothers and sisters, and to work to protect the rights of those most vulnerable in our society. However, with much of …

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Cada semana se hace una Misa cerca de Ciudad Juárez en Anapra, Mexico, los martes por la tarde, para los que sufren de los crímenes violentos que ocurren diariamente. Tenemos la oración de la Misa para que podamos seguir en …

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Prayer for the Liberation of the City

Each week there is a Mass held outside the city limits of Juarez in Anapra, Mexico on Tuesday evenings for those suffering from the daily violent crimes. We have the prayer used in the Mass so that we can share …

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