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As We Forgive: Redemption and Reconciliation

New Year celebrations were in full swing in Namoto village in western Fiji. It was after midnight, but loud music was blaring from the radios and groups of people were noisily drinking alcohol. Samu, a powerfully built man in his …

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Why the Columban Fathers? by Fr. Chuck Lintz (:41)

“I liked the idea of it being small. You get to know people better, you can bloom a little better, and strictly mission society.”

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Jesus on the Cross

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The faces of our neighborhood

We get e-mails commenting about how life is very different in Peru. Yes, the country is different and Lima is different, but when we start to befriend the people around us who provide us with services and seem happy to …

A Demographic Switch: The Korean Family Changes

Some days I wonder if I am in the same Korea that I came to in 1969. Things have changed so much. Korean society is probably one of the fastest changing societies in the world over such a short period …

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What will you bring to the New Year?

January is a time for resolutions, planning and dreaming. What will the New Year bring?  What will I bring to the New Year? We invite you to consider giving a year of service in China through the Columban AITECE program …

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Building Confidence

“Praise loudly and blame softly.” I do not know exactly who said this, but each time I come across it I think of those missionaries who I feel were imbued with this spirit. More stories you might enjoy Family Life: …

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The Point of No Return

It’s vitally urgent for humanity that progress be made in reducing world levels of carbon dioxide, methane emissions, and deforestation. The greenhouse gasses emitted rise into the earth’s stratosphere and form an insulation blanket that traps the earth’s heat leading …

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Oh Holy Night: My First Christmas in Pakistan

After applying for a visa to visit the Islamic Republic of Pakistan over Christmas last year, I was instructed to present myself in person at the Pakistani consulate for an interview. Why was I going? And, why go at this …

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Family Life: The Privilege of a Loving Home

Family life is something my husband and I take for granted. We were blessed with great parents. They taught us, supported us, and we knew beyond a doubt that their love for us was unconditional. My first job out of …

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