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Gentle touches from God

After three years of exposure to the vagaries of the so-called Drug War, the inhabitants of this city have become almost jaded by the victim count and the horrific forms of death.


God’s snow and sunshine in a Rhode Island winter

Greetings from snowy Bristol. How some Columbans in Bristol, R.I. continue mission during the winter months teaching our young neighbors how to enjoy the gifts of God’s snow and sunshine!

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Christmas in China

From Father Warren Kinnie – Some pictures taken yesterday at Beiyaowan here in Shanghai where You Dao Foundation ( had a Christmas Party for some migrant kids. Lots of university student volunteers turned up to help – some 50 of …

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Pedaling to Live Housing Program (Philippines)

Each house will consist of two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and an indoor toilet. The materials will be wood and hollow blocks with galvanized metal for roofing. All the materials will be sourced locally. The cost of materials per house is $1,500 including $660 for labor which will be provided locally. The drivers themselves will provide 80% of the labor required to build their own houses.

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The ‘Our Father’ and the poor (0:50)

In the U.S., the ‘Our Father’ prayer is quite common. But what does it mean? Fr. Bill Morton talks about what it means to the poor around the world, specifically at the U.S. / Mexico border.

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A lay missionary’s first impression of Juarez

The impression that I got about El Paso was really lovely. The physical site of the land is dry and brown with limited vegetation, which doesn’t mean that the people, too, are like that. Even though I have heard some …

Guitars, Songs and Fun

January has been an interesting month. While Dan is busy with the “Formation Summer Course” that the parish offers, along with all the accounting work that was assigned to him, I have been busy doing what I like the most: …

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China Bureau to host award dinner

The U.S. Catholic China Bureau will honor His Eminence Roger Mahony at a dinner on January 26 2011. Mahoney will receive the Matteo Ricci Award. The Columban Fathers have been a part of the bureau for nearly 20 years. The …

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Six questions – and answers – about the community garden

In 2010, the community garden has sprouted food, volunteers and friendship. Fr. Bill Morton updates us on the garden in El Paso, Texas, and what to expect in 2011. See all our new photos below. Click on a thumbnail to …

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Subanen Crafts

The Creation Mandala is composed of finely crafted circular images that celebrate important “Births” in the story of Creation. These “Births” are: The Birth of the Universe, The Birth of the Galaxies, The Birth of the Solar System, The Birth …

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