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Goodbye Peru

Some farewells, like this one, are very difficult. We found ourselves in the situation of having to leave Peru sooner than planned due to health issues. There are no words to describe how grateful we are to all of those …

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Why go to Pakistan?

Moving Forward in Hope “Freely, you have received, freely give. Go in my name and because you believe, others will know that I live.” This hymn, along with the awareness that we are called “to act justly, love tenderly and …

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Networking God’s Way

Forty six years ago when I decided to become a Columban Missionary Sister, my motivation was very simple. I wanted to share the Good News I had heard and experienced with those who had never heard it. Over the years I …

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All You Need Is Love

According to one theory, human love arose from the evolutionary dictate that those who bonded were the ones who survived. Still, there was no guarantee of the survival of the species in a dangerous and cruel world where children were …

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Change lives this summer

Upcoming Dates: 3/8 – George Washington University Internship Fair, Washington, DC 3/9 – University of Maryland Sustainability Fair, College Park, MD 3/21 – Columban Advocates Conference Call (join the Columban Advocates at 3/24 – American University Internship Fair, Washington, …

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The Culture of Peace Wears the Clothes of Justice

The clothes of justice are woven with patience and compassion, the help of the Master Weaver. The color of each thread is vibrant in its own right but together the threads take on the radiant glow of wholeness. Each color …

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Expressing faith through the issues

Working on topics such as migration and human trafficking allows me to become knowledgeable of the issues in multiple countries like Myanmar (Burma), Taiwan, and the region along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Rescuing young people through education

I want to tell you that everything’s going well. The university students began a new semester, as did the young people in preparatory school. This year we put three young people into the preparatory school and four into high school. …

Lomas del Poleo land dispute

Please use the link below and sign the petition to ask President Calderón of Mexico to intervene in the negotiations to settle a long-standing land dispute in the colonia of Lomas del Poleo, very near the border of Juarez and …

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February 2011

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