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Prayer for the Deceased

God, Our Father, We commend our dear ones to Your loving mercy. We know that death is not the end but only a horizon that limits our sight, and that life with You is immortal and love eternal. Purify them …

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Walking for Peace and Dignity in Mexico

By Lauren Snell, CCAO Intern On September 14th, I had the honor of participating in a full day event with the Caravan for Peace, created by the organization Movement for Peace and Justice with Dignity (MPJD). This organization is headed …

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Family Prayer

Father, we thank You for your love and your many blessings, especially the precious gift of each other.  Help us to show our gratitude by loving each other as you love us. Make us understanding and patient with one another …

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Rally Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership

On September 9th, I attended a rally against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free trade agreement being negotiated in secret without concern for welfare of God’s people and Creation. The rally was held outside of a country club in Leesburg, Virginia …

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Creatively Hopeful

Fr. Peter Woodruff: How do you see the future of the Catholic Church in Pakistan? Fr. Pascal Robert: I am optimistic for a few reasons. We are witnessing a steady transition from foreign to local leadership. In our local Church …

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Saying Yes

One of my greatest joys as the director of the U.S. region is spending time with members of the Columban community, a community that includes ordained Columban priests and Sisters, lay missionaries, lay employees, volunteers and others. The Columban family …

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Unity and Personhood in Economic Social Teaching

This year, I will be focusing on economic issues concerning the Center for Advocacy and Outreach of the St. Columban Missions on this blog. I will be advocating for economies worldwide as they are affected by policy decisions here in …

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St Columban Sermon IV

May no trial, no trouble, no oppression, no hunger, no poverty, no death, nothing sad, nothing joyful, nothing just or unjust separate us from Christ so that he may dwell within us here, and we may abide with him for …

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Live from the TPP Trade Negotiations- Stopping a Den of Robbers

On Sunday, September 9, I joined a few hundred members of civil society, including members from the Interfaith Working Group on Trade and Investment at a resort in Leesburg, Virginia where delegates from the nine countries currently involved in the …

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Grade 7: Beyond Borders

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