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A Prayer For All

We pray for the people of the world: for the young and old; for women and men; for the hungry, the poor and those who live with plenty; for the broken and unloved; for those hurting and those who heal; …

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Francis I

At least we go feeling good, Conel and myself, on death´s doorstep , but still loving the church we have served, its faith, “the people of God.” Standing in the shade of that door, a light has shone on our …

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What do we mean by Mission?

In ordinary conversation we talk about a woman or man “with a mission” indicating someone who has a strong single-minded commitment to some worthwhile project. In modern organizations like banks we may see their “mission statement” posted on a wall, …

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We welcome Pope Francis

As Christians we are invited to participate in God’s mission. The mission entrusted to us by God, in the words of Pope Francis, is, like St. Joseph, to be the protector. “Joseph is a protector, because he is able to …

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Thank you for signing up for this e-journey on food

Thank you for signing up for the Eucharist e-journey through our food system. See you on the journey! Many blessings, The Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach.

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Holy Thursday – A Reflection on John’s Story of the Last Supper

Across the ages, Christians have studied and contemplated the mysteries of our faith in an effort to form a deeper relationship with God. This is especially true throughout Lent, as each week we prayerfully consider the scripture stories, themes and …

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I Feel Your Presence

O God, I feel your presence in the earth coming to life as Spring begins to take away Winter’s cold. Warm our hearts that we may appreciate the fullness and depth of your love. This Holy Week, we recall your …

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I was talking to my father the other day about Lent. I told him I was going to add something to my life this Lenten season. I want to have a healthier lifestyle; I thought that would be beneficial to me. I …

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March CCAO e-bulletin

Signup for this Newsletter Give a Special Gift Stay Connected: | Donate Now In this CCAO E-bulletin, we remember the second anniversary of Fukushima. In March 2011, an earthquake followed by a tsunami in Japan led to the worst nuclear …

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Last year I shared a meal with the kindest gentleman. He spoke of his close to forty year, love filled marriage to his wife. He glowed with pride at his four honor student daughters, determined they attend college. Despite the …

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