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Climate Change and Fiji

Our Pacific Islands Are Yours, O Lord Bernard Narakobi Our Pacific Islands are yours, O Lord, And all the seas that surround them. You made the palm trees grow And the birds fly in the air. When we see your …

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25th National Catholic China Conference

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Columban Mission Magazine Receives Catholic Press Association Award

Columban Mission magazine received an Honorable Mention in the Best Feature Article in a mission magazine category at the Catholic Press Association meeting in Denver, Colorado, June 19-21, 2013. Columban Fr. John Keenan’s article, “Street Children Locked Up,” from the …

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The Mission is to End Poverty and Injustice

A gathering of returned missionaries at the I.O.S.A.S Center (Island of Saints and Scholars) in Ireland recalled the long tradition of Irish missionaries leaving families and friends and going to foreign lands for life to bring the Gospel message of …

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Update: Pedaling to Live Program and Green Shelter Community

On April 20, 2013, the Pedaling to Live Program celebrated its 8th anniversary.  Part of the celebration was a tricycle tour through Ozamiz.  After the tricycle tour, a short program was prepared at the vicinity of the Green Shelter Village …

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Peace Lily

The projection or aspiration of peace into another time or place is remiss without its practice in our daily lives. Peace starts in the home. It embarks from our everyday surroundings with those immediately around us. In Saint Augustine’s seminal …

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Water Privatization in Chile

This week I have been looking into the issue of water privatization in Chile, a country long served by Columban missionaries.  Whilst water privatization might on first hearing sound a little dry (excuse the pun), my research into the topic …

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Urgent Calls needed to protect border communities from a border “surge”

As people of Faith we are called to welcome the stranger among us and look out for our brothers and sisters in need. Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill S. 744 may provide an opportunity to do so by allowing immigrants a …

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God Speaks My Name

I can remember as a child visiting church one afternoon with my mom and brother when I was probably about six or seven years old.  It was during the week; maybe we were dropping something off or my mom wanted …

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Almost a Century of Faith

Would the future be a good topic to bring up with a 91-year-old? Yes, if that person is Sr. Li Fen Fang of the Sisters of St. Mary of Hanyang, China. With a twinkle in her eye, she mentions that …

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