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Voices of Columban Lay Missionaries

Reflections on Mission Irma Cantago I loved what I was doing while on mission in two different countries. For fifteen years I shared my life in Peru, and I know that I have learned and grown a lot. I believe …

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Prison Ministry

At the end of May 2016, during the General Audience of Pope Francis with representatives of the permanent diaconate, Rev. Edwin Ng, the deacon in charge of Hong Kong diocese’s prison ministry had a private audience with the Holy Father. …

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A Spiritual Garden Watering Kachin Lands

St. Luke’s Catechists’ School, Myiktyina, Myanmar Founded by Columban Fr. Bernard Wade in 1939, St. Luke’s can boast of 700 graduates, of whom 417 have worked in remote areas which are often the center of political violence. Despite all these …

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Different Kinds of Service

From the Director From our earliest days, almost a century ago, Columban missionaries have employed people to assist us in a variety of roles to support our mission. A few did housekeeping; some maintained buildings and grounds, while others assisted …

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Standing Up for What We Believe In

Cultural Mishaps in Myanmar Almost six months ago, I arrived in Yangon, Myanmar, to begin my mission assignment. During these past six months, so many things have happened to me, or have happened around me, that I haven’t always been …

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Columban Mission Magazine – August/September 2016

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The Clever Monkey and the Pig

A long time ago in Japan there lived a travelling man who went from place to place with his monkey who could dance. Sometimes he played music or sang and the monkey danced along with the music. After he put …

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On Being Good News

Pakistani Lay Men, Women and Families on Mission Columban missionary Fr. Tanvir O’Hanlon invited me to work with the Columbans for the promotion of mission in our local church. He said to me, “We have this gift of mission and …

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Daily Prayer – I Consecrate Myself to You

My loving Jesus, out of the grateful love I bear You, and to make reparation for my unfaithfulness to grace, I give You my heart, and I consecrate myself wholly to You; and with Your help I purpose never to …

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Participating in God’s Mission

A Life-Changing and Fulfilling Experience Lumen Gentium emphasizes the “universal call to holiness” which applies to all the “people of God”– clergy, religious and lay people, stating that “all Christians in any state or walk of life are called to …

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