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May 9, 2017

I once knew a priest who was the life of the party but prone to take over any party he attended. Most people enjoyed his company, but he was also said by many to "have a great welcome for himself."

May 9, 2017

O Virgin, fair as the moon,
delight of the angels and saints in heaven,
grant that we may become like you
and that our souls may receive a ray of your beauty,
which does not decline with the years
but shines forth into eternity.
O Mary, sun of heaven,
restore life where there is death
and enlighten spirits where there is darkness.

May 9, 2017
Fr. Colin McLean

The Ocean's (Atlantic) Influence Island life is shaped by the ocean. The weather determines whether you can cross to the island from the mainland, a jetty at São Tomé de Paripe, and the tides determine when people can cross from the community of Praia Grande to the community of Santana, and from Santana to the community of Nossa Senhora das Neves.

May 8, 2017
Ready to farm

I usually spend my summer break walking the sands and enjoying the beach but this time around I decided to walk the hills of Don Victoriano Chiongbian, a town of Misamis Occidental, the Philippines, and enjoy the cool river waters of Salug.

May 8, 2017

O Blessed Lady of the Fields, 
who loved the land of your native Galilee, 
who watched the tiller of the earth and the shepherd of the flock 
go out and return from Nazareth, 
who lived with and loved the rural folk of the village, 
look down graciously upon the fields and pastures of this,
your adopted land. 

May 7, 2017

Remember, O most pure spouse 
of the Virgin Mary,
my beloved Patron, 
that never it has been heard
that anyone invoked your patronage 
and sought your aid
without being comforted.
Inspired by this confidence I come to you
and fervently commend myself to you.
Despise not my petition, 
O dearest foster father of our Redeemer,

May 6, 2017

O Most Holy Virgin Mother, 
we listen with grief to the complaints 
of your Immaculate Heart 
surrounded with the thorns placed therein 
at every moment by the blasphemies 
and ingratitude of ungrateful humanity. 
We are moved by the ardent desire of loving you as Our Mother 
and of promoting a true devotion to your Immaculate Heart.

May 5, 2017

Holy Mary, my patron,
I ask you to pray for me to Jesus your son.
Through your constant prayers,
may God continue to guide my paths
and help me to follow Jesus in love.

Holy Mary,
pray for me
and for all the people of God.


May 4, 2017

The Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center in El Paso, Texas, marked its 30th anniversary with a fundraising dinner, and presented its "Border Heroes" awards this year to the Hon. Veronica Escobar, El Paso County Judge, and Father Bob Mosher, priest of the Missionary Society of St. Columban.

May 4, 2017
Pope Francis with Columban Fr. Shay Cullen

Columban Fr. Shay Cullen is set to receive another prestigious international award in recognition of his work against child sexual abuse and sex trafficking.

In November, the missionary, who is based in the Philippines, will receive the 2017 Martin Buber Award.

The honor reognises his work, through the PREDA Foundation, helping children and women.


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Columban logoThe Columbans are a society of missionaries, including priests and lay people, who minister to people of various cultures as a way of witnessing to the universal love of God.

We go in the name of the Church to announce, by deed and word, the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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