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April 8, 2019

Hail Mary, White Lily of the Glorious
and always-serene Trinity.
Hail brilliant Rose of the Garden of heavenly delights:
O, you, by whom God wanted to be born,
and by whom the King of Heaven wanted to be nourished!
Nourish our souls with effusions of divine grace.


April 7, 2019

Imprint, O Lady, your wounds upon my heart,
that I may read therein sorrow and love;
sorrow, to endure every sorrow for you;
love, to despise every love for you.
Through Jesus Christ who lives and reigns
forever and ever.


April 6, 2019

Grant, we beg You, O Lord Jesus Christ,
that the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Your Mother,
whose most holy soul was transfixed with the sword of sorrow
in the hour of Your Own Passion,
may intercede for us before the throne of Mercy,
now and at the hour of our death.


April 5, 2019

O Mary, I earnestly desire to place my person
and my desire for holiness under
your maternal protection and inspiration
so that you may bring me to that conformity
with Christ, Head and Shepherd which is necessary
for entering the glorious gates of Heaven.

April 4, 2019

O God, who taught Adam the simple art of tilling the soil,
and who through Jesus Christ, the true vine,
revealed yourself the husbandman of our souls,
deign, we pray, through the merits of blessed Isidore,
to instill into our hearts a horror of sin
and a love of prayer,
so that, working the soil in the sweat of our brow,

April 3, 2019

Yes to you, Jesus
as you offer me your love;
as you letter my life with yourself;
as you encourage my transparency;
as you ask for my honesty;
as you desire my everything;
as you speak through all I do;
as you continue my transformation;
as you challenge my weaknesses;
as you bless my giftedness;

April 2, 2019

The scene is one full of children waiting eagerly for their Easter meal. Noise levels reach a climax. In one corner the little ones are playing a game I do not understand, but in Chile I have grown used to not understanding things. On the other side the bigger ones play soccer, and the ball ricochets in all directions. Miraculously it misses a head by inches.

April 2, 2019

O most holy Saint Francis,
God gives wisdom to the simple
and makes the merest child wise.
Pray that He grants me this reward
He promises to the humble through your intercession.
Help me always to make a good examination of conscience and confession.


April 1, 2019
Rowena with other Columban Lay Missionaries

It all started as a simple idea. I remember Columban Fr. Dom Nolan and Lourdes de Guzman both of Mission Awareness asking us if we would accept some donations for a garage sale. They must have heard that lay missionaries and staff used to have an auction during their Christmas party as a way of raising money for some projects. We were reluctant at first.

April 1, 2019

As he lies in his sick bed, Columban Fr. Frank recalls some of his mission outreach:


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