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April 5, 2018

We sing our Alleluias today, for Jesus is risen.
Our souls proclaim the greatness of God,
Our spirits rejoice in our Risen Savior.
Mary, may your song be sung in our lives
At every moment of this day so that God's power,
Which can do far more than we can ask or imagine,
May continue to call life from death and light from darkness,

April 4, 2018

Mary, in the brilliant light of Easter,
Teach us that nothing is impossible with God.
All our struggles with self and others,
All our disappointments and shames,
All our failures and sinfulness
Are as nothing in this healing, life-giving light.
Accept, then, our all.
May God look upon it,
As once did the Mighty One upon our lowliness,

April 3, 2018

Mary, we, your sons and daughters
Look to you as we treasure and ponder
The Rising of Jesus - your Son.
Teach us how that marvelous moment can topple the proud,
Elevate the lowly, feed the hungry,
And mission the rich - even today.
Confident in God's power and love,
Trusting in the Risen Lord,
Relying on the Promised Advocate,

April 2, 2018
Asma Jahangir was a champion for human rights, justice

When I was told of the death of Asma Jahangir I thought that she may have been assassinated. On February 11, 2018, she collapsed while on a telephone call and died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage. She has left behind her husband, two daughters and a son.

April 2, 2018

For Father Donal

Eyes clenched,
I conjure your grave,
White above Boyne grasses,
Stone processing
Like acolytes.
All questions buried,

I greet you
On a winter weekend
In Omaha, 
Carrying sweets for my children.
And we talk,
As if words were already memories.

April 2, 2018

Last night Fr. Theo and I decided to visit separate Indo-Fijian families in the same settlement about five miles from town. We borrowed the parish van. I dropped him off at the family which was hosting the mandali (prayer meeting), promising to pick him up later that night. I drove about a mile further and climbed a steep

April 2, 2018

May Christ, the Living One
who came back from the dead,
fill your heart with blessings this Easter

May he share
the joy of His presence
with you this Easter
to guide you
in all your ways.


- Columban Fr. Pat Sayles

April 2, 2018
Easter eggs

Veidrala village lies on the Northen coast of Nakorotubu in Ra, Fiji. The village had 85 houses before cyclone Winston and the deadly storm damaged 80 and left only five where the villagers took shelter.

April 1, 2018

May the Lord bless you this Easter Time:

Bless you with faith,
guard you in doubt;
Bless you with hope,
uplift you in despair;

Bless you with love
keep you from fear;
Bless you with peace,
calm you in trouble;

Bless you with mercy,
help you forgive;
Bless you with joy,
comfort you in sorrow

March 31, 2018

Like Mary in tears at the empty tomb
with the stone rolled back,
wondering where You were,
so in life we can be downhearted
even desperate for Your help,
Your presence, Your grace in our lives,
not knowing how to find You.

And there You were Lord, nearby,
and when Mary recognized You
her tears turned to joy.


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