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August 6, 2017

O dear Jesus,
I humbly implore You to grant Your special graces to our family.
May our home be the shrine of peace, purity, love, labor and faith.
I beg You, dear Jesus, 
to protect and bless all of us, 
living and dead.

August 5, 2017

O Christ Jesus,
when all is darkness 
and we feel our weakness and helplessness,
give us the sense of Your presence,
Your love, and Your strength.
Help us to have perfect trust
in Your protecting love 
and strengthening power,
so that nothing may frighten or worry us,
for, living close to You,
we shall see Your hand,

August 4, 2017

O Jesus Christ, 
I acknowledge You as King. 
All that has been made, 
has been created for You. 
Exercise all Your rights over me. 
I renew my baptismal vows, 
renouncing Satan and his works; 
and I promise to live as a good Christian. 
I pledge myself to work, to the best of my ability, 

August 4, 2017
Baptism at a mission center


As a new millennium dawned, the Columbans looked back on their achievements in the 20th century, while similarly casting an eye to the future of the Society.

August 2, 2017

Deliver Us

Show us, we beseech You, O Lord, 
in Your clemency, 
Your unspeakable mercy, 
that You may cleanse us from all our sins, 
and deliver us from the punishments which they have deserved. 
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, 
Who lives and reigns 
world without end. 


August 2, 2017
Who do you say I am?

Since 2014, St. Joseph's Parish in Ballymun, Ireland, started to look at ways to respond to the needs of young people in the parish. Parents asked if there was a program that could help them nourish the spiritual aspect of the lives of their teenage sons and daughters. It was through that inquiry that Lifeteen came to be.

August 1, 2017

A Night Prayer

Eternal Father, 
I desire to rest in Your Heart this night. 
I make the intention of offering to You 
every beat of my heart, 
joining to them as many acts of love and desire. 
I pray that even while I am asleep, 
I will bring back to You souls that offend You. 
I ask forgiveness for the whole world, 

August 1, 2017
Milly, left, and her mother Beatriz

Milly Hampson is eleven years old. She lives with her parents Darren and Beatriz in a tower block of flats overlooking the River Mersey in a rather unfashionable part of Stockport, Greater Manchester (UK) called Lancashire Hill.

August 1, 2017

This spring a pair of great horned owls took over a large nest in a tree not too far from the Narragansett Bay shoreline.  As one would expect before too long little owls could be seen safely peeking from the nest high in a tall evergreen.

July 31, 2017

Plead for Us

Save us, Christ our Savior,
by the virtue of Your holy Cross:
You Who saved Peter in the sea,
have mercy upon us.

Mary, Mother of mercy,
pray for us,
and we shall be delivered;
Mary, our advocate,
speak for us,
and we shall be saved.


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Columban logoThe Columbans are a society of missionaries, including priests and lay people, who minister to people of various cultures as a way of witnessing to the universal love of God.

We go in the name of the Church to announce, by deed and word, the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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