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  • The Day I Met Johnny Cash! March 1, 2017 Columban Fr. Bobby Gilmore recalls the day he met Johnny and June Cash. One day when I was working in Montego Bay, I got a call from the bishop requesting that I go out and bless the foundation of a new hotel, the Ritz Carlton. He was invited to perform the ceremony but due to other ... Read More
  • The In-Between Time March 1, 2017 To be human means to live from day to day, Searching the way forward, Inching towards a clearer sense of identity and purpose. I wonder what it was like for Jesus? I imagine a growing sense of belonging in God, warmed, supported, strengthened by the Father’s love; and a consciousness of latent powers to be used someday, somewhere. Meanwhile, the in-between time. Then suddenly, ... Read More
  • Respect for Life and Human Dignity March 1, 2017 Bennie had a thin, hollow face, the picture of malnutrition at 22 years of age, and had never been to school for more than a few months, could not read or write and he was a one-meal man. He ate once a day. He was dressed in shorts and a dirty t-shirt. His flip-flops were ... Read More

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