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  • Parish Break in Update May 1, 2015 I am Columban Fr. William Lee, and I have been the parish priest of San Matias for seven years. Robberies are nothing new here. Since I arrived into the parish it has been part of the routine of people who look for items in the chapels and sell them either for drugs or survival. San Matias ... Read More
  • Retrouvaille in South Africa May 1, 2015 When I heard in 2011 that Durban, South Africa, was chosen to be the venue for the 2015 Retrouvaille International Council Meeting (I.C.M.) my immediate reaction was to say, “Yes, this one is for me. I must be there, even if I miss other yearly meetings.” But on inquiry and reflection the task looked too ... Read More
  • Serving the Migrant and Refugee at the U.S.-Mexico Border May 1, 2015 My first encounter with the Columban missionaries at the El Paso, Texas–Juarez, Mexico, border occurred in February 2013 when I joined four women from my home church in Virginia for a one-week “border immersion” experience. During that trip, our group stayed at the Columban Mission Center (CMC). Nearly every evening, Fr. Bob Mosher guided us ... Read More

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