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  • Who Called? August 1, 2014 Who called who to go on Mission I would sincerely ask permission To state my case to you with this submission. Now that I am old and grey and can no longer enter the fray But at least may I be permitted to have my say Of the time when the Lord Jesus my friend would accompany me to the ... Read More
  • Success Teaches You Nothing June 30, 2014 People often regard “success” as the end of their tunnel, end of their struggle, their perseverance and their chase. They see it as the beginning of a new life of rest and ease; they can then relax and enjoy their achievement. But success is so elusive: from talking to those who have achieved it, I ... Read More
  • Serafina Ranada Vuda Eulogy June 30, 2014 Serafina Ranada Vuda, the Missionary vocation that God had woven in your heart Has come to an end when our Saviour called you apart To rest a while because you were tired and the evening of life was far spent He called you closer to Him because He knew that otherwise your love made no ... Read More

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