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  • The Cooling Waters of Faith Flow in the Driest Desert in the World June 30, 2014 Alto Hospicio is the poorest suburb of Iquique, Chile and sits in what is known as the most arid desert in the world, the Atacama Desert. There are 70,000 or more people who live here in this both barren and sometimes beautiful place. Unemployment is high in Alto Hospicio. People came here looking for work ... Read More
  • God is Only a Call Away May 30, 2014 What would you do first, if you noticed there was an intruder in your house in the middle of the night? I think the first thing to do would be to look for one’s phone to call for help, and of course, the police, right ? The police will ask of your situation and ... Read More
  • The Weather May 30, 2014 They say the weather will rain today; the swallows are flying low. The crows are building their nests up high; so it isint going to snow. The seagulls are flying too far inland, so there is a storm in the offing There are so many ways nature finds, to warn us of the weather we live in. The squalls ... Read More

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