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  • They Will Stay Fresh and Green! January 31, 2014 I always find that one of the best times for reflection is immediately following Mass.  The readings and the Gospel are always fresh in your mind as are the supplications that accompany the Eucharist.  This morning, as I walked away from the lovely Chapel here at St. Columbans, I reflected on the three men who ... Read More
  • SERVICE – THE HEART OF FAITH April 30, 2013 When he bent down on his knees in the youth detention jail in Rome on Holy Thursday,  Pope Francis sent a message to Catholic Church leaders and to the world. It seems to say, change is here, we have to leave behind the pomposity, clerical child abuse and domination wherever it may be, and be ... Read More
  • What do the liturgical colors mean? April 30, 2013 The different colors are drawn from creation to remind those participating in liturgy of the different blessings of God. A brief summary of their usage, according to the church year, follows: WHITE – light, innocence, purity, joy, triumph, glory Season of Christmas Season of Easter Feasts of the Lord, other ... Read More

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