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  • Award for 46 years of service! November 1, 2012 A 25-year-old newly ordained Catholic priest arrived in Korea for the first time in the spring of 1966. The Columban priest from New Zealand named Robert John Brennan has lived on the peninsula ever since, adopting a Korean name, Ahn Gwang-hoon. After 46 years of contribution and selfless service, the Seoul Metropolitan Government awarded the priest ... Read More
  • Columban Fr. John Smyth Sacerdotal Celebration November 1, 2012 On October 7, 2012, the Korean Martyrs’ Church in Chicago, Illinois, hosted a 50th Anniversary of Ordination for Columban Fr. John Smyth. It was a gala affair! A very special aspect of the occasion was the presence of John’s sister-in-law and two of her sons. They flew over from Ireland especially for this celebration. It started with ... Read More
  • Tongue Control November 1, 2012 A woman went to confession to St. Philip Neri and said that she had been gossiping about others. For her penance he told her to go out and buy an unplucked fowl in the market. On her way back she was to pull out the feathers one by one and scatter them along the way. She ... Read More

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