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  • Helping Others Is Our Path to Happiness June 4, 2012 Moving Mountains of Apathy What brings out the crowds to cheer on a hero, a liberator, a Messiah like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and the greatest of all, Jesus of Nazareth, and many more?  All but one of the above was executed or assassinated, and all were brutalized and jailed unjustly for their ... Read More
  • Holy Week in Rancho Anapra May 3, 2012 In Rancho Anapra, we have just concluded a most memorable Holy Week. The Columban Fathers and our Korean priest associate, Fr. Augustine Han, are blessed because of the energetic collaboration of the people of God in our pastoral care. A case in point would be our Palm Sunday procession, which is always well attended. However, this ... Read More
  • Pilgrimage to Mount Cristo Rey May 2, 2012 There are many reasons why people join pilgrimages.  One could be for personal healing and another could be for a community intention just like we had at Mount Cristo Rey, at the border of Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas.  The Peace and Justice Ministry of the Diocese of El Paso organized this pilgrimage to ... Read More

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