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  • Return to the Dark Ages November 1, 2011 It’s back to the dark ages for the hysterical tabloid press in Metro Manila where the bellowing newscasters and commentators are condemning street children and children in conflict with the law as criminals. The most strident commentators call for the children to be charged and jailed and reduce the age of criminal liability to 12 ... Read More
  • October 2011 Newsletter October 3, 2011 Signup for this Newsletter October 2011 | Vol. 4 Issue 11 Light and Color In Fiji, one gets many chances to join in the rituals and merriment of the festivals of other religions, particularly that of Hinduism. Out of respect, I try to accept all such any invitations, hoping to understand my Hindu friends better and ... Read More
  • For the people October 3, 2011 For the people who love our church or basically the faith we have been given, I write out of my own hurt. Though I belong willingly I find I now utterly reject the malignant tumor of power I grew up in that turned our Father into a monster demanding submission or sin or in more ... Read More

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