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  • Indo-Fijian Fire-walking at Nadera Temple December 1, 2016 Columban Fr. Frank Hoare shares an excerpt from his diary: June 18, 1983 Today I went to take photos of the fire-walking at the Hindu temple at Nadera, a few miles from Suva. In the early 20th century, the British colonial government brought indentured laborers from to Fiji from South India. The laborers brought their ... Read More
  • Being a Priest Is a Grace, Not a Privilege December 1, 2016 Being a priest is a grace, not a privilege Two new Columban priests were ordained in Chile – Rafael Ramírez and Gonzalo Borquez “The priesthood is a grace. It is not a privilege. It is not a means to get something better for oneself. It is an undeserved gift, where Jesus Christ, the ... Read More
  • Retracing My Great-Uncle’s Footsteps in China November 1, 2016 A Day in Timelessness I have never known life without him. My great-uncle, Bishop Henry Ambrose Pinger, O.F.M., returned to the United States the year I was born, having served as a missionary in China for 30 years. His humble, gentle spirit enveloped my entire Pinger clan – true to his Chinese name Guang ... Read More

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