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A Journey of Prayer

The easiest way for me to write about prayer is to speak of my own journey with God. I say this because prayer is a particular experience for each person. It is an experience of a conscious relationship with God that has all the ups and downs of any other relationship.

By Fr. Joseph Joyce
October 1, 2019
Fr. Patrick Colgan visiting the Parkari Kholi community.

Beauty and Meaning

In mid-January 2018, I spent a few days with our Columban missionaries in the parish of Badin, Pakistan, before attending a meeting of our Columban missionaries living and working in Pakistan. Badin is in the interior Sindh Province and is served by Columban Frs. Tony Cavanagh and Dan O'Connor.

Fr Patrick Colgan

June 11, 2018
Asma Jahangir was a champion for human rights, justice

Death of Asma - The Brave Human Rights Battler of Pakistan

When I was told of the death of Asma Jahangir I thought that she may have been assassinated. On February 11, 2018, she collapsed while on a telephone call and died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage. She has left behind her husband, two daughters and a son.

Fr. Dan O'Connor April 2, 2018
Yivli Minaret Mosque

From the Minarets and Mosques in Pakistan ...

After 34 years of missionary work in Pakistan, I came to Rome at the end of 2011 to serve as the procurator-general of the Missionary Society of St. Columban.

Fr. Robert McCulloch

February 28, 2018
Patients wait for the clinic to open.

Amen to the Greatness of God

"Allahu akbar, God is greater,' begins the call to prayer from the loud speakers of the thousands of mosques throughout Pakistan. We absolutely say AMEN to the GREATNESS of GOD.

Fr. Dan O'Connor

February 23, 2018


In the middle of the night, with the wedding guests gathered around, the groom is led to a specially-prepared canopy. There, he is seated, facing north. A short time later, his bride is led in and is seated next to him.

January 2, 2018
Columban Fr. Daniel O'Connor and friends

There's a Kiwi in the House!

When Dan O'Connor first arrived at the Columban House in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1983, he was greeted with "There's a Kiwi in the house!" And indeed he was a "Kiwi" hailing from Hokitika on New Zealand's South Island.

Ellen Teague

November 8, 2017


When I lived in Pakistan I was part of the 1.6 percent who are Christians in this predominantly Muslim country which has an estimated 203 million people. In Pakistan many Muslims have hardly ever met a Christian and certainly do not know anything about the Christian faith.

Louis Ybanez

October 2, 2017

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