Top Stories of 2010

We’ve tallied the numbers to see which articles were the most popular among our readers in 2010. Below are the results, released a few at a time.

Most Read Stories
1. What is Advent all about?
2. Columban Fathers » Columban priest sends update on Pakistan floods
3. Columban Martyrs
4. Antidote to Social Justice
5. Flooding in Pakistan threatens Columbans, parishes
6. Rights and Duties of Citizenship
7. Finding the peace in faith, and moving on
8. Aiding victims of exploitation, small farmers and their children
9. Pakistan update: Some good news, with hope for more
10. Mary the Missionary | Columban Fathers
11. How to prepare for Christmas | Columban Fathers
12. The Lord of our Earthly Manger | Columban Fathers
13. Letter to Sec. Clinton on the Keystone Pipeline
14. God waited until I was ready
15. What is it like being a Missionary Priest?
16. Columban Missionary thankful for his priesthood in Juarez
17. The Tale of Two Plaques: The Story of Captain Felix Sheehy
18. Finding a home for foreigners
19. Letter from Fr. Sinnott on his return to the Philippines
20. Christmas story

Most Viewed Photo Galleries
1. Juarez Photo Gallery
2. Historical Photos
3. Marpha’s Story
4. Korea Photo Gallery
5. Philippines Photo Gallery

Most Read Blog Entries
1. New Catholic Lay Missionary in Juarez
2. Upcoming Exposure Trip to the Border
3. Columban Missionary thankful for his priesthood in Juarez
4. Certainty of Change
5. Meet Daniel, the kid who almost always smiles

Most Watched Videos
1. Fr. Kevin Mullins – Part 1
2. Grameen Bank story
3. Columban Legacy
4. Anapra Education Project
5. DC Events
6. Escaping War, Serving God
7. As Water in the Desert Trailer
8. Voices of the Earth (Trailer)
9. Surviving in Captivity: Father Aeden Mcgrath
10. Journey with Jesus (2)