The Clever Monkey and the Pig

A long time ago in Japan there lived a travelling man who went from place to place with his monkey who could dance. Sometimes he played music or sang and the monkey danced along with the music. After he put on a show he got money from the people who watched. After a while the monkey got old and stiff, and he was no longer able to dance very well. The travelling man came home and told his wife to call the butcher the next day, and he would sell the monkey to the butcher who could kill him and sell the meat. The monkey was very upset and scared when he heard this.

The monkey went to visit a wild pig in the nearby forest who was a friend of his, and told him about the awful fate that awaited him the next day. The wild pig thought about it for a while and then suggested a plan. The pig said the old man and his wife left their only child outside the door every morning where it lay in the sun. He would come along and steal the child and then the monkey could chase after him and rescue the child, and bring it back home.

Next morning the travelling man’s wife was very upset when she saw the pig running away with their only child. She also noticed that the monkey was chasing after the pig and the child. She called her husband who was still asleep, but it was too late for him to chase after the pig and the child who had disappeared into the forest. All they could do was wait and hope. Bothe the man and his wife were full of admiration at the courage of the monkey in chasing after the pig.

Eventually the monkey arrived back with the child after an hour or so. He told them that he had persuaded the wild pig to give back the child. They were full of gratitude towards the monkey for getting their only child and son back. The man told his wife to tell the butcher not to come looking for the monkey as he had now a new job of looking after their child.

The monkey was loved and admired and never beaten again, and lived out his life peacefully with the couple and their child. He was given the job of child minder.

After many years in Japan, Fr. Doyle now resides in Ireland.

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