Columban Pandemic Payers

Columban Prayers for the Coronavirus Pandemic

The prayers on this page were written for the COVID-19 pandemic by Columban priests in the United States. They appear in the Columban Daily Prayer and Weekly Prayer emails.


The following is a litany by Fr. John Burger based on the first three words of the oldest preserved
hymn to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Under your protection, O Mary, we ask your help at this time.
Under your protection, O Blessed Virgin, we are confident in times of stress.
Under your protection, O Queen of heaven, we on earth feel blessed.
Under your protection, O Mother of Jesus, we place our families in your gentle hand.
Under your protection, O Mother of Christians, we feel safe and secure.
Under your protection, O Mother of the healing Jesus, we pray for the compassion of your Son.


– By Columban Fr. John Burger, U.S. Regional Director

Dear St. Joseph
The bible never quotes your words.
We know you through the gospels
as the protector of our Lord Jesus
and his blessed mother, Mary.

We know you by your actions and your dreams.

Help us to take action, to do all we can in this time of crisis
to lovingly keep those around us safe.
But also inspire us with dreams,
dreams of a better world,
a world of truth and justice, love and peace.


– By Columban Fr. John Burger, U.S. Regional Director

Loving Lord, in this time of anxiety, give me serenity.
In this time of fear, give me confidence in You.
In this time of illness, help me preserve my health
and the health of all those around me.
In this time of social isolation, let my phone calls be
full of wisdom and compassion.
In this time of worry, give me the courage
to reaffirm my belief that
‘All I know of tomorrow is that
Providence will rise before the Sun.’


– By Columban Fr. John Burger, U.S. Regional Director

Dear Lord,

I have been the recipient of so much of your goodness in my life.
Please keep me open my mind and heart to receive whatever grace you wish to give me.

In this time of pandemic, it could be that you are giving me new eyes to see
how much I have been taking for granted in my daily life and how much I have
received without taking notice.

You have given me years and years of blessings.
When my friends and I emerge from this period of isolation, may we
truly treasure each person we know as a gift from You.
I pray, in the name of Jesus.


– By Columban Fr. John Burger, U.S. Regional Director

Dear Lord, Jesus brought healing during his ministry on earth.
He healed the sick and brought the dead to life.
By his own death and resurrection he brings the promise,
hope and means of healing to us all.
Now we need his healing more than ever.

We need not only the healing from physical illness
brought on by the COVID-19 virus but healing for
human hearts, communities and world society.
Open our hearts that we may not turn in
on ourselves and our own needs.

Let unity, compassion and care mark us all.
Inspire us to serve the poor and abandoned.
May we use our skills in service of others.
May more fortunate countries come to the aid
of those less prosperous.

May we be concerned less about public image
but more about doing the right thing.
"This is how everyone will know that you are my disciples:
if you love one another."
(John 13:35). 


— By Columban Fr. John Comiskey


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