St. Isidore, you lived a humble life working the land.
You attended Holy Mass each morning
which jeopardized the employment
that allowed your family to eat.
The Lord repaid your love
by sending his angels to plow the fields
while you were at Church.
Dear Isidore, ask Our Lord Jesus
to place deep faith in our hearts
and water it each day with your prayers
that we may progress in holiness as you did.
Pray that as our heart grows in love and humility
we may be a living sign of Jesus
to those around us.
As a farmer who used his hands
to bring forth nourishing food
please ask Jesus to bless us with a bountiful harvest.
Pray that our hands and bodies will remain strong
that we may farm the land God has given us.
Ask Jesus to care for our gardens
as he tends our hearts.
Pray that weeds will be kept far from our fields
and likewise give us an aversion to sin.
Humbly we ask that you carry the petitions
we hold in our heart
to our most loving and generous Lord.


Lord you change my sadness into joy.
If I am weeping when I go to sleep
You bring relief with the dawn.
Strengthen me to remain faithful during the night
with confidence that your gift of eternal life
and health await me.
Prepare me for eternal life
by a generous spirit in this life.

Most Holy Virgin,
who to came to Fatima
to reveal to the three little shepherds
the treasures of graces hidden in the recitation of the Rosary,
inspire our hearts with a sincere love of this devotion,
so that by meditating on the mysteries
of our redemption that are recalled in it,
we may gather the fruits
and obtain the conversion of sinners,
the conversion of Russia,
and any intention that I so earnestly seek
for the greater glory of God,
for your own honor,
and for the good of all people.


O young St. Pancras, you were beheaded
at the age of fourteen for you faith in God.
You tried to be good yourself
but also strived to lead other souls to heaven,
and for this reason God bestowed on you
such a great power on behalf of those devoted to you.
Help us to spread this devotion
and to lead others to heaven.

Lord Jesus Christ, you gaze on us with love and care,
Help us to bear the burdens of the day;
the illnesses, the isolation and loneliness.

Guide us to live our days according to your Will,
And, Lord, sustain us in our struggles
to share and follow your Grace.

We ask  this prayer in Jesus' name.


— By a Columban Missionary

Dear St Damien,
you were sent away to school
in a region where you didn’t speak the language
and people tried to bully you because of it.
We pray for those who are bullied
whether at school or at work
or in whatever situation.
May they emulate you in not accepting it.

O immaculate virgin,
Mother of God, full of grace,
the One whom you brought forth, Emmanuel,
is the fruit of your womb.
In your Motherhood
you have nurtured all human beings.
You surpass all praise and all glory.
I salute you, Mother of God,
joy of the Angels,
because you surpass in fullness
what the Prophets have said about you.
The Lord is with you:
you gave life to the Savior of the world.

Breath in me, Spirit of God,
that I may think what is holy;
drive me, Spirit of God,
that I may do what is holy;
draw me Spirit of God,
that I may love what is holy;
strengthen me, Spirit of God,
that I may preserve what is holy;
guard me, Spirit of God,
that I may never lose what is holy.

Behold, O my most loving Jesus,
how far Your exceeding love has reached!
Of Your own Flesh and Most Precious Blood
You have prepared for me a Divine table
in order to give Yourself wholly to me.
What has impelled You to such transports of love?
Nothing else surely save Your most loving Heart.
O adorable Heart of my Jesus,
burning furnace of Divine charity,
receive my heart within Your most sacred wound;
to the end that in this school of love,
I may learn to make a return of love to the God
who has given me such wondrous proof of His love.


Mary, Mother of mercy, watch over all people,
that the Cross of Christ may not be emptied of its power,
that man may not stray from the path of good
or become blind to sin,
but may put his hope ever more fully in God
Who is "rich in mercy."
May he carry out the good works
prepared by God beforehand
and so live completely "for the praise of His glory."


It’s wonderful after illness
to feel your strength returning
to feel your old self again,
to start getting on top of things.

But it takes time and patience,
just getting back into a routine,
into the swing of things
can seem like a mountain to climb,
a challenge too far.

Lord, help me grow strong again,
help me each step of the way
so that taking one step at a time,
with Your help I will come out on top.


— By a Columban Fr. Patrick Sayles

Risen Lord, you gave me power and strength
through your Holy Spirit.
Show me how to watch over Your flock
with compassion and acceptance.

So many people are hurting during this time of pandemic.
The reports of deaths and sickness brings sadness
Heavenly Father, watch over us with your
deep abiding unconditional love for us.

Bring comfort to those who suffer
let them know that they are not alone.

Lead me Lord to be a neighbor to those in need.
Let me share my time and attention
with the people who are lonely and afraid.

Give me courage to follow your teachings to think of others;
and to offer some small charity to my neighbors.

This prayer is raised in the Name of Jesus Christ.


— By a Columban Missionary

As we read in Ecclesiastes there is a time for everything.
There is a time to weep , a time to laugh,
a time to mourn, a time to dance and so on.
Our time, Lord, is certainly a difficult time.
There is the worldwide pandemic,
old injustices are being highlighted and demanding redress,
many are suffering economic stress and other fears.
But I trust that truth will spring out of the earth
and your justice look down from heaven.
Despite it all, give me confidence in your constant care.

We speak to you, O blessed Joseph,
our protector on earth,
as one who knows the value of work
and the response of our calling.
We address you through your holy spouse,
the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God,
and knowing the fatherly affection
with which you embraced Our Lord Jesus,
ask that you may assist us in our needs,
and strengthen us in our labors.

By our promise to do worthily our daily tasks,
keep us from failure,
from a greedy mind,
and from a corrupt heart.
Be our watchful guardian in our work,
our defender and strength
against injustice and errors.
As we look to your example
and seek your assistance,
support us in our every effort,
that we may come to everlasting rest
with you in the blessedness of heaven.