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Starting Again

In January 2019 I returned to Taiwan with my husband Jung-Woong Bosco as a Columban lay missionary couple.  At the moment, I’m completing month seven of a full year, full-time study of the Mandarin language.

By Lee Ji Yong "Tina" April 1, 2020
Sihyeon and Columban Fr. Rolly with a youth group in the Philippines,

A Meeting of Cultures

On August 1, 2017, I travelled from the height of the Korean summer to an equally hot Philippines to study English.

By Sihyeon Teresa Bae
March 2, 2020

I'm a Volunteer

I’m doing missionary work with the mentally and physically challenged individuals at St. Joseph Center’s for Special Education as a volunteer.  I’m fondly referred to by both the staff and students as “Big Brother Jin.”

By Kim Jung Woong March 1, 2020

Freely You Have Received

“What are you doing in Taiwan?,” my friends would ask. “Oh, I work at the HIV/AIDS Center.” “What? What did you say?” My friends were confused by my answer and couldn’t understand what I said. After answering several times, they finally managed to understand.

By Lee Subin Matilda
February 5, 2020
Christmas Mass

Mission in the Mountains of Taiwan

It was a Sunday morning. I was turning the pages of my Mandarin Chinese prayer book looking for suitable prayers for the dead. I was in one of the eight villages of our parish in the Dabaijian mountains in Taiwan.

By Fr. Taaremon Matauea
January 6, 2020
Joan with the CAIF team

A Call to Serve

God calls us in unique and different ways. Before I became a Columban lay missionary, I was happy working in my diocese for nine years. But somehow, I had this feeling that God was calling me for something more.

Joan Yaps

July 3, 2018
Arts and crafts

It Was a Beauty-ful Day!

When I was growing up, I really didn't like reciting the Holy Rosary.

Sherryl Lou C. Capili

May 28, 2018

Fostering Hope for Aboriginal Children

I live and work in a mountainous area of Taiwan with aboriginal people. The majority of them are pomegranate and orange farmers who also cultivate a variety vegetables which they sell.

Sihyeon Bae

May 14, 2018
Taiwan parishioners on pilgrimmage

The "Living Water" Encounter

In my eleven years of ministering to the Atayal people of Miaoli County in Taiwan, I've listened to numerous stories about how God makes His presence felt in the lives of others. One story that touched me and left a deep impression in me is that of Yada Umon.

Vida Hequilan

February 26, 2018

I Was Ready for Battle

There was a frantic voice at the end of the phone.  “Fr. Peter our Filipino friend Genalyn is sick in hospital and our Taiwan broker is going to send her back to the Philippines this afternoon.  Can you please come to the hospital to help her.”  I asked Sr.

Fr. Peter O'Neill January 2, 2018
Salustino and a friend

Journey Together

One afternoon while walking from work to the house, I met some people I did not know, and one of them was very helpful. A local deputy asked me where I was going.

By Salustino Villalobos Mondragon

October 4, 2017
Celebrating Mass

Finding God Away from Home

As part of my process of priestly formation, in 2015 I was assigned to Taiwan to perform my First Missionary Assignment (FMA).

Henry Armado Serván Vallejos

August 1, 2017
Fr. Larry at Mass


Adai is a grandmother and faithful member of the Catholic community in TianGou village in the mountains of Taiwan. Like all the residents of the mountain villages along the DaAn River, Adai is a member of the Tayal tribal group.

By Fr. Larry Barnett

August 1, 2017

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