Teach in China

Would you like to spend some time teaching in China and experience its rich and ancient culture?

Would you like to make a contribution to the new developing exchanges between China and the Western world?

AITECE is looking for mature teachers who are open to spending at least one year teaching English in China and who are willing to share their values with Chinese students as they continue to engage with the modern world.

International Organization

AITECE Ltd. (the Association for International Teaching, Educational and Curriculum Exchange) has placed over 200 English teachers and other foreign experts into teaching positions in mainland China. The Columban Fathers have worked closely with this organization since its founding in 1988.

AITECE has its head office in Hong Kong, but also has representatives in Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, Philippines and the USA. Strong relationships have been established with many universities in Beijing, Fujian, Guangdong, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shandong, Jiangxi, Jilin, Guizhou, and Chongqing.

AITECE recruits, screens and prepares prospective teachers and other experts. It looks for suitable candidates and interviews them to assess their ability to work effectively in China. Part of its success rests on the fact that the AITECE organization prepares its teachers to work in the Chinese cultural milieu. China is a country of 1,300 million people, with 30 million university students and a magnificent, ancient culture.

Training and Support

AITECE in Hong Kong provides orientation courses for the prospective teachers before the start of the autumn and spring semesters. This helps the teachers be ready for the adjustment to a new and different working environment. They gain a working knowledge of the customs and laws of China and learn from the experiences of previous teachers. At least once each academic year, an AITECE staff member visits all the campuses where AITECE teachers are located, meets with them individually. These visits help remove misunderstandings and solve problems that may arise while the teacher is in China.
AITECE offers its services free of charge to both the institute in China and to the teachers it recruits. The actual contracts of employment are between the individual teachers/experts and the educational institutions in China.

As a non-profit organization founded in Hong Kong, it has been granted charitable status by the Inland Revenue Department there. AITECE is also registered with the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in Beijing as an approved organization for the introduction of foreign experts to work in cultural and educational fields in China.

Opportunities Available

If you have recently qualified as a teacher of English as a second language, or are taking early retirement, or are planning a career break, AITECE would like to discuss what opportunities are available. You may build friendships with university students that will change your life and theirs.

To contact the AITECE USA desk, send an e-mail to Jburger@columban.org or telephone 402-660-6807.

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