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From the Director

I begin most days with the celebration of Mass in our community chapel. There I join Fr. Richard Steinhilber and several local people in dedicating each day to the Lord and asking His blessing upon Columban mission and all those who participate in it around the world. Afterwards, the jovial banter of Fr. Dick (as he is affectionately known) with members of the congregation serves as a reminder of the joy that flows from a long life of service to the Lord. Despite turning eightyeight years of age recently, he continues to help daily in our mission office.

A highlight of my days is reading the letters and cards that come from supporters and friends of Columban mission. There is always a variety of messages from every part of the country.

Many are requests for prayers for the sender or a loved one. Some recount stories of faith and love through the ups and downs of family life.
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Columban News
March 19, 2015
Weekly Prayer

We pray for nothing to be given to us other than Yourself. You are our everything, our life, our light, our food, our drink, our God. Inspire our hearts with the breath of Your Spirit and pierce our souls with Your love.

Weekly Prayer-March 19
March 16, 2015
Suicide Bomb Attack on Churches in Lahore

On Sunday morning, March 15 there were two suicide attacks on two Churches in Yohannabad, Lahore – St. John’s Catholic Church and Christ Church Protestant Church, in which 15 were killed and over 70 injured. The first attack was on St. John’s...

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March 16, 2015
Columban, a Universal Saint...

The parish church that I come from in the southwest of Ireland has parish records dating back to the early 19th century. As a young altar server, I got a job from the sacristan during the summer school holiday months to take out these baptismal, confirmation, marriage and death records from the well protected safe.

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