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From the Director

During my first year in the seminary, there was an emphasis on learning to relate deeply with oneself, with others, and with God. While there was some academic study, there was no written assignment. Instead, there were opportunities to reflect on personal habits, engage in group reflection exercises, and practice different forms of prayer. I learned that prayer is a way to grow in relationship with God, and that my way of relating with God mirrors my way of relating with others. By the end of that year, I felt that I had gained a deep understanding of prayer.

During my second year, while prayer remained important, there was a greater emphasis on academic studies. Furthermore, I became involved in various activities, especially college theater. As the year progressed, however, it became difficult to balance the various demands on my time and energy....
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Columban News
August 18, 2015
The True Importance of Waiting

Waiting is rather a trial for most of us. At the very least, it becomes an exercise in patience. The strain becomes even greater when we are waiting for an operation; waiting for a hospital bed; waiting for a nursing-home place...
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August 18, 2015
A Ministry of Gratitude

The report from the cardiologist and his follow up letter to the Columban Superior in Fiji came as a real shock. In light of the most recent tests, he strongly recommended that I leave Fiji...

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August 13, 2015
Weekly Prayer – August 13, 2015

Please pray for the people of Myanmar as they rebuild their lives following the devastating flood.

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