Order Your 2023 Columban Mission Calendar

Scenes from Columban Missions

Celebrate the hope and strength of the Columban missions each month with this wonderful Columban Mission Calendar. The 15-month 2023 calendar features images from Columban missions, including families, missionaries, volunteers and others working to make the world a better place. It makes a great gift for friends and family, and is perfect for any religious home.

The calendar features:

  • Images from Columban missions
  • Highlighted 2023 Catholic Liturgical calendar events
  • Notations of holidays and feast days
  • Space to jot down birthdays, appointments and special events.

Thank you for your generous and sacrificial support of Columban mission throughout the year. We hope as you use this calendar throughout the year, you remember how much we value your partnership with us and how much good we are doing in the world together. As always, we pray for you and your loved ones daily and hope that our faith has been a light for you during the year.

2023 Columban Mission Calendar

**Calendars will be mailed to U.S. addresses only **


2023 Columban Mission Calendar Pages

A group of children in Pakistan
October 2022
Columban Fr. John Boles sits at a table with a family in Peru
November 2022
Children standing in front of a nativity scene in Japan
December 2022
Local musical youth group
January 2023
Karokaro women
February 2023
Gathering around the yacona bowl in Fiji
March 2023
Myanmar youth group
April 2023
Visiting women in Myanmar
May 2023
Family fun in Fiji
June 2023
Columban Fr. John Boles and friends in Peru
July 2023
Columbans and Sisters plant a tree in Chle
August 2023
School children in the Philippines
September 2023
A family outside of their home in Pakistan
October 2023
Young people from Koromakawa with Indo-Fijian visitors
November 2023
Myanmar family with Columban Fr. Patrick Raleigh
December 2023


**Calendars will be mailed to U.S. addresses only**