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  • Hailstorm April 1, 2015 Earlier this month we had the worst hailstorm I have ever seen. I have been working in country towns in the southern Andean region of Peru for 30 years and am now retired in Yanaoca, a town of about 5,000 people, located on a plateau at 4,000 meters above sea level. We enjoy a dry climate ... Read More
  • The Love that Replaces Violence and Abuse April 1, 2015 Working for peace in the world is a thankless task. Peace is elusive, as violence seems to grow despite all the great work. The terrible violence with unbridled savagery that we see today on our television screens shows humans descending to the lowest depths of horror. The ISIS terrorists burnt a Jordan airman alive in a ... Read More
  • FAIR TRADE – A TASTE OF JUSTICE August 1, 2014 I love to go to the villages of the Aeta indigenous people of Zambales where I have worked for the past 45 years. These original Filipino people have survived for millennia on the northern island of the tropical archipelago, as long as 30,000 years, some anthropologists say. I climbed the grassy hills which were once ... Read More

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