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  • The Moral Challenge of Responsible Tourism January 3, 2012 The Philippines is spending large amounts of money for a slogan that will summarize a new tourism program to promote the best aspects of the beautiful country and its people. It is not hard to love the Philippines once you visit here. The people in general are courteous, welcoming, friendly and hospitable. There are fantastic ... Read More
  • Prayer for Mission January 3, 2012 Prayer for Mission Lord help us see God present in life. In the innocent smile of a child, in a mother’s concern as she ponders her child’s future. In our own anxieties and successes, in our desire to help, in our acts of kindness, in our hopes and ideals, even in the things we wish had never been. Fr. Noel Connolly Read More
  • Advent Journey has begun December 5, 2011 Dear Columban Friend, Our hearts are full this Advent. As we wait eagerly to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, we reflect on the many blessings we’ve received this year. And, our biggest blessing has been you and others like you. A Community of Faith Your prayerful and financial support of the Columban Fathers makes you ... Read More

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