100 Points of Light - 2015


On November 23, in the year 615, in the town of Bobbio in northern Italy, Saint Columban (also known as Columbanus), passed into eternal life.

The Irish-born Saint Columban, who was a prominent missionary leader in the early Middle Ages, gave his name to the missionary society founded by Bishop Edward J. Galvin and Father John Blowick.

An Excerpt from a Fiji Diary

This evening, I had a good chat with Sukh Deo as we drank yaqona together. Sukh Deo is Hindu, but his wife and children are Catholic. They live in an interior settlement, far from town. He is always pleased when a priest visits the family, and he sits respectfully and meditatively during the prayers. As we chatted about old times, he was reminded of an unusual cure that took place in his village when he was a boy.

Fiji Diary

When Church Means Home

I had just came out of the church after celebrating Mass. An altar server came up to me and told me that one youth decided to leave home and wanted to speak with me. I saw a bag sitting in the guard house and I got nervous thinking, it must really be true. I knew who the kid was and so I asked for him. When I found him, his eyes were red from crying and so I asked him to see me in one of the counseling/confession rooms. He sat down and started to sob.

Fr. Kurt Zion Pala with kids from youth group
Youth group banner
Fr. Kurt Zion Pala with altar servers
Fr. Kurt Zion Pala with kids from youth group
Youth group on an outing

100 Points of Light - 2014


The Missionary Sisters of Saint Columban were the idea of Lady Frances Moloney (later Mother M. Patrick Moloney) and Columban co-founder Father John Blowick.

The first group of Columban Sisters professed in 1924, under the leadership of Mother Finbarr Collins.

In 2014, the Columban Sisters celebrated the 90th anniversary of their congregation.

There's a Kiwi in the House!

When Dan O'Connor first arrived at the Columban House in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1983, he was greeted with "There's a Kiwi in the house!" And indeed he was a "Kiwi" hailing from Hokitika on New Zealand's South Island. He had been posted to Pakistan for two years on the Columban Overseas Training Program.

Columban Fr. Daniel O'Connor and friends
Pakistani children
Pakistani children present the Christmas story

I Have to Take a Risk

"I have to be in Myanmar. I have to go. I have to take a risk. I know there will be a lot of frustration, difficulties and struggles, yet inside my heart I hear the voice of God gently saying, 'Go! You must go, you have to go.'"

Fr. Rafael (left) and Fr. Diaz

100 Points of Light - 2013


By 2013, the Columbans had continuously maintained a presence in Korea for 80 years. Throughout this time, the Columbans endured a great deal of trial and tribulation, as well as enjoying much success.

In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of their mission in Korea, the Columbans released the film Born in Others’ Pain.

A Faithful Companion

In February of this year Fr. Charlie Duster was admitted to the hospital where he was informed a short time later that he was terminally ill. During the following weeks, with the same zeal with which he had lived his missionary life, he prepared himself to meet God face to face. He also bid farewell to family and friends, and took care of important personal matters.

Among his treasured possessions was a chalice and paten that had been given to him as a gift by his parents, Charles and Cleo Duster, on the occasion of his ordination and first Mass in December 1961. These precious gifts had traveled with him on his various missionary journeys around the world during his 55 years of priesthood. In fidelity to the 

In So Many Words

In his book, The Road Less Traveled, Scott Peck's first sentence is the somber observation, "Life is difficult." Direct and honest, it is a reality worth mulling over because, though we all know and have experienced that life is indeed hard, nevertheless there is a widespread belief that we have a right to be happy and that pain, distress and hurts are to be shunned. We should be free of anxieties and conflicts. We have a right to the good life.

In So Many Words


November 1, 2017

Leprosy - that dreadful word
causing terror in the heart
bad enough to live with rotting flesh
but even worse to be among the living dead
cut off from relatives, friends, community

One man made bold by hope broke the taboo,
sought out Jesus ministering in a town
passed shocked bystanders and pleaded on his knees
“if you want to, you can cure me”

Jesus moved by pity or anger at his plight
in turn broke the taboo reached out and touched him
“of course I want to, be healed!”


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