100 Points of Light - 1998


In the 1990s, use of the World Wide Web and Internet was increasing exponentially worldwide. Businesses, non-profit organizations, and the general public were discovering this exciting new medium and all of its potential.

In January 1998, the Columbans began the first website for their organization. Over the years, the website became more developed, complex, and advanced, mirroring the development and advancement of the Internet in general.

100 Points of Light 1997


In 1997, the Columbans made the decision to create a Spanish-language edition of their magazine Columban Mission. This was a way to better convey the Columban message to the growing Hispanic community in the United States, as well as spreading news about the Columban activities in Latin America.

Propagation of the Faith

One of my many blessings and opportunities as a missionary is to share the Joy of the Gospel. As a missionary Sister in Chile and Pakistan, I found the countries to be quite different in terms of culture, religious beliefs, language, weather and even food. In my third mission assignment in the United States as part of the Development Office, I gained a wider perspective in the context of the U.S. reality in its diversity.

mission appeals or church appeals

100 Points of Light - 1996


In 1916, a young Irish priest named Edward J. Galvin had an idea to start a new mission for the huge nation of China, where he had worked previously. In that year, Father Galvin traveled to Ireland to try to gain support for this idea, and there he met Father John Blowick, a professor at the Maynooth seminary.

My Indian Fathers

"Abba, call me that," my host father responded when I asked him how I should call him. Abba is the Hindi (Indian) word for father. Sam Daniel would be my third host-father in Fiji. He is Anglican and lives with his wife near their church. They have a son, Roneel, who is now an Anglican priest himself. Abba works as the school manager of the Anglican church-run schools in Labasa. He would wake up early in the morning to feed the chickens.

Fr. Kurt eating lunch with Uncle Bale
Uncle Bhola and Auntie Mary
Roneel, Fr. Kurt and Abba

100 Points of Light - 1995


Throughout the 1990s, the Columban Fathers continued to develop vocations from their mission nations. Accordingly, on October 1, 1995, the first Peruvian Columban, Father Diego Cabrera Rojas was ordained at the Parish of Los Santos Arcangeles in Lima, Peru, by Cardinal Archbishop Augusto Vargas Alzamora.

Friendship Throughout the Decades

I met the Columban Fathers for the first time in my hometown, Seoul, during the summer of 1953. Korea was at war then. Amid destruction and the chaos of war, I was trying to leave home for a college in America. As the oldest of five children of a widow, apart from the promise of a full scholarship, the friendship of a U.S. Air Force chaplain, and the rash enthusiasm of youth, I had little else going for me.

The Archbishop is between Sr. Kate and Theresa in front of the Jeju convent.
Fr. Brian and Mom
The CRS Group
Fr. Sean, Theresa and friends
Fr. Sean between Rosa Snow and Theresa
Theresa's sister Agness (left), Theresa and Fr. Sean Dunne

To Visit the Imprisoned

Pope Francis continually reminds us that the Church is missionary and is called to reach out to the poor, to sinners, to unbelievers and to those who live on the margins of modern society. In 2016 Pope Francis called the Church to celebrate a Year of Mercy and to discover once again the importance of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.


About us

Columban logoThe Columbans are a society of missionaries, including priests and lay people, who minister to people of various cultures as a way of witnessing to the universal love of God.

We go in the name of the Church to announce, by deed and word, the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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