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January 5, 2019

St. John Newmann, servant of God and man,
your desire to bring all souls to Christ
inspired you to leave your family, home, and country.
Ask for us the grace to live worthily
in the spirit of our Baptism,
so that all our thoughts, words,
and actions of every day will bring God,
Our Father, greater honor and glory.
Ask for us the graces necessary to help
and to serve the poor,
the suffering, and the oppressed.
May we live as you lived,
persevering in every difficulty,
to know and to do God's Holy Will.
In this life, may we share your intercession,
the protection of Mary,
and the grace of Jesus Christ,
Our Lord and Redeemer.


January 4, 2019

Our Father,
You would not willingly call on us to suffer.
You say all things work together for our good
if we are faithful to You.
Therefore, if You ordain it:
through disappointment and poverty,
sickness and pain,
even shame and contempt and calumny,
You will support us with the consolation of Your Grace
and compensate us for any temporal suffering
by the possession of that peace
which the world can neither give nor take away.

January 3, 2019

O Divine Jesus, 
You promised that anything we ask
of the Eternal Father in Your name shall be granted.

O Eternal Father,
In the name of Jesus,
for the love of Jesus,
in fulfillment of this promise,
and because Jesus has said it,
grant us our petitions for the sake of Jesus,
Your Divine Son.


January 2, 2019

O All-Transcendent God
what words can sing Your praises?
No word does You justice.
What mind can probe Your secret?
No mind can encompass You.
You are alone beyond the power of speech,
yet all that we speak stems from You.
You are alone beyond the power of thought,
yet all that we can conceive springs from You.
All things proclaim You,
those endowed with reason and those bereft of it.
All the expectation and pain of the world coalesces in You.
All things utter a prayer to You,
a silent hymn composed by You.
You sustain everything that exists,
and all things move together to Your orders.
You are the goal of all that exists.
You are one and You are all,
yet You are none of the things that exist,
neither a part nor the whole.
You can avail Yourself of any name;
how shall I call You,
the only unnamable?
All-transcendent God!

January 1, 2019

Dear Lord,
We pray that this New Year will bring us closer to You.
May we take the time to get to know You.
Help us to truly celebrate the gifts You have graciously given us
and use them to serve You and spread Your word,

May we also see and love you in all the people we meet,
so that in turn, they can see You in us.

December 31, 2018

God our Father,
on this eve of the Feast of Mary, the Mother of God
give us an appreciation of the many gifts
You have given us during the past year.
Help us bless You in return during the coming year
by sharing some of our gifts with others who have far,
far less than we do.


December 30, 2018

Lord Jesus Christ, who,
being made subject to Mary and Joseph,
consecrated domestic life by Your ineffable virtues;
grant that we, with the assistance of both,
may be taught by the example of Your Holy Family
and may attain to its everlasting fellowship.
Who lives and reigns, world without end.


December 29, 2018

O God, for the sake of whose Church
the glorious Bishop Thomas fell by the sword of ungodly men:
grant, we beseech You that all who implore his aid,
may obtain the good fruit of his petition.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ,
Who lives and reigns with You
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
forever and ever.


December 28, 2018

Lord, be good to them,
and show them all Your Love.
Lord, be kind to them,
and grant them peace above.
Lord, be merciful to them,
and wipe their sins away.
Lord, be generous to them,
with all my heart I pray.
Lord, be gracious to them,
for good that they have done.
Lord be gentle with them,
for sufferings undergone.
Lord, may we meet again,
when heaven’s crown is won.


- Columban Fr. Pay Sayles

December 27, 2018

Lord, you are the living Word of God
who came to dwell in hearts of all people.
Increase my desire and strengthen my will
to know the Word of God and to live it in my life.

Share with me your abundant grace and power.
Show me your will for me as I learn
to do great wonders in small ways
in my home and community.

December 26, 2018

Stephen, full of grace and power,
who worked great wonders and signs among the people.
You crowned him with glory and honor, O Lord.
You gave him rule over the works of Your hands.
Now, Grant, O Lord, that we may
imitate Your servant, Stephen,
whose memory we celebrate.
Teach us to love even our enemies
as Stephen knew how to pray even
for his persecutors to our Lord Jesus Christ
Your Son, who lives and reigns forever.


December 25, 2018

Moonless darkness stands between.
Past, the Past, no more be seen!
But the Bethlehem star may lead me
To the sight of Him Who freed me
From the self that I have been.
Make me pure, Lord: You are Holy;
Make me meek, Lord: You were lowly;
Now beginning, and always,
Now begin, on Christmas day.

December 24, 2018

God our Father,
every year we rejoice
as we look forward to this feast of our salvation.
May we welcome Christ as our Redeemer,
and meet Him with confidence
when He comes to be our judge,
who lives and reigns with You
and the Holy Spirit, one God,
forever and ever.


December 23, 2018

Stir up Your might, we beg You, O Lord,
and come, so that we may escape through Your protection
and be saved by Your help from the dangers
that threaten us because of our sins.

Stir up our hearts, O Lord
that we may prepare for Your only begotten Son,
that through His coming
we may be made worthy to serve You with pure souls.
Through the same Christ our Lord.
Who lives and reigns forever and ever.

December 22, 2018

Loving God, help me to find time
in the frantic moments of each day
to become centered on You.
Walking through a store,
riding on the bus,
hurrying down a street:
let each of these times be moments
when I can remember Your incredible love for me
and rejoice in it.



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