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The Annunciation of the Lord

April 9, 2018

Pour Your grace into our hearts, O Lord;
that we who have known the incarnation
of Your Son Jesus Christ,
announced by an angel
to the Virgin Mary,
may by his cross and passion
be brought unto the glory
of His resurrection;
who lives and reigns with You,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever..


Divine Mercy

April 8, 2018

Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless
and the treasury of compassion - inexhaustible,
look kindly upon us
and increase Your mercy in us,
that in difficult moments
we might not despair
nor become despondent,
but with great confidence
submit ourselves to Your holy will,
which is Love and Mercy itself.


Fear of Death

April 7, 2018

Jesus, Lord, don't let the fear of death overpower us.
And don't let the loss of our loved ones
cause us to doubt Your power to “Easter” everybody.
Remind us, Lord,
that You have the last words over death.
You are risen!
You are not "among the dead."
Neither are we.
We shall live forever in Your triumphant love.


Jesus Is Risen

April 6, 2018

The cross of death has become the Tree of Life, and we rejoice.
God has sent forth the Spirit,
And the world quickens to life anew.
Jesus is risen!
Teach us no more to fear the sword of division and death;
Teach us to welcome Jesus, the sign of contradiction,
And to lay bare the thoughts of our hearts
To the healing light of Easter.
Then, in your name and for your honor,
We will live in the Paschal Mystery
Today and, with you, see it fulfilled
On the day of Resurrection.


Rejoice in Our Risen Savior

April 5, 2018

We sing our Alleluias today, for Jesus is risen.
Our souls proclaim the greatness of God,
Our spirits rejoice in our Risen Savior.
Mary, may your song be sung in our lives
At every moment of this day so that God's power,
Which can do far more than we can ask or imagine,
May continue to call life from death and light from darkness,
Transforming our meager efforts
Into your Son's victory over death.


Teach Us in the Light of Easter

April 4, 2018

Mary, in the brilliant light of Easter,
Teach us that nothing is impossible with God.
All our struggles with self and others,
All our disappointments and shames,
All our failures and sinfulness
Are as nothing in this healing, life-giving light.
Accept, then, our all.
May God look upon it,
As once did the Mighty One upon our lowliness,
So that we might be gifted with that blessedness
Promised to all sons and daughters of the Resurrection.


The Rising of Jesus

April 3, 2018

Mary, we, your sons and daughters
Look to you as we treasure and ponder
The Rising of Jesus - your Son.
Teach us how that marvelous moment can topple the proud,
Elevate the lowly, feed the hungry,
And mission the rich - even today.
Confident in God's power and love,
Trusting in the Risen Lord,
Relying on the Promised Advocate,
The Spirit of Life and of Truth,
We dedicate our lives, in your name and for your honor
To the transforming power of Easter.


Easter Greeting

April 2, 2018

May Christ, the Living One
who came back from the dead,
fill your heart with blessings this Easter

May he share
the joy of His presence
with you this Easter
to guide you
in all your ways.


- Columban Fr. Pat Sayles

Easter Blessing

April 1, 2018

May the Lord bless you this Easter Time:

Bless you with faith,
guard you in doubt;
Bless you with hope,
uplift you in despair;

Bless you with love
keep you from fear;
Bless you with peace,
calm you in trouble;

Bless you with mercy,
help you forgive;
Bless you with joy,
comfort you in sorrow

So your heart
may rejoice
in the Risen Lord.


- Columban Fr. Pat Sayles

Who Are You Looking For?

March 31, 2018

Like Mary in tears at the empty tomb
with the stone rolled back,
wondering where You were,
so in life we can be downhearted
even desperate for Your help,
Your presence, Your grace in our lives,
not knowing how to find You.

And there You were Lord, nearby,
and when Mary recognized You
her tears turned to joy.

Lord, help us to recognize You,
to see Your presence in our lives,
and not be despondent.

Help us to find You
when we seek You,
so that the sorrows of life
will turn to joy,
the joy of knowing that You are alive
and with us always.


- Columban Fr. Pat Sayles

Good Friday Prayer

March 30, 2018

O Jesus, Who by reason of Your burning love for us
has willed to be crucified
and to shed Your Most Precious Blood
for the redemption and salvation of our souls,
look down upon us here gathered together
in remembrance of Your most sorrowful Passion and Death,
fully trusting in Your mercy;
cleanse us from sin by Your grace,
sanctify our toil,
give unto us and to all those who are dear to us our daily bread,
sweeten our sufferings,
bless our families,
and to the nations so sorely afflicted,
grant Your peace,
which is the only true peace,
so that by obeying Your commandments
we may come at last to the glory of heaven.


Father, Forgive Them

March 29, 2018

Lord, help me to show
compassion towards others,
as You show compassion to me;
help me to be forgiving towards others,
as You are forgiving to me;
help me to be considerate towards others,
as You are considerate to me.

So that in all things I may find peace,
knowing Your loving care in my life;
and that in all I do I may find joy,
knowing your loving presence in my hear.

Like the son who squandered Your gifts,
yet humbly returned seeking forgiveness
may I be truly sorry for my waywardness
and I give You thanks
that in spite of all my failures
I can still call You Father.


- Columban Fr. Pat Sayles

Take Me, Lord

March 28, 2018

Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty,
My memory, my understanding
And my entire will,
All I have and call my own.
You have given all to me.
To you, Lord, I return it.
Everything is yours; do with it what you will.
Give me only your love and your grace.
That is enough for me.


The Last Supper

March 27, 2018

O Lord Jesus, in order that the merits
of Your sacrifice on the Cross
might be applied to every soul of all time,
You willed that it should be renewed upon the altar.
At the Last Supper, You said:
"Do this in remembrance of me."
By these words
You gave Your apostles and their successors
the power to consecrate
and to do what You Yourself did.
I believe that the Mass is
both a sacrifice and a memorial-
reenacting your passion, death and resurrection.
Help me to realize that the Mass
is the greatest gift of God to us
and our greatest gift to God.

Bless My Home

March 26, 2018

Lord, this Easter
I ask You to bless my home,
to make it a place
where Your goodness dwells,
where Your presence can be felt.
I ask You to protect my home,
to make it a place
where my loved ones
can find peace and security
knowing You love them.


- Columban Fr. Pat Sayles


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