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May 26, 2018

Lord Jesus, in your Eucharist
make Christian spouses the "signs" of
your nuptial love among us: make
families communities of people who,
living in dialogue with God and each other,
do not fear life and become responsible
or sowing the seeds of priestly, religious
and missionary vocations.

May 25, 2018

Lord Jesus, from your alter
illuminate our communities with light and grace,
so that it may reject the seduction of a materialistic conception of life,
and defeat the selfishness that threatens it,
the injustices that upset it,
and the divisions with which it is afflicted.

Lord Jesus, give us your joy, give us your peace.
Stay with us, Lord!
You alone have the words of eternal life!

May 24, 2018

Lord God, for a long time,
I disregarded brothers and sisters;

Neither did I show respect
for the earth and all of Your Creation.

These days, by Your abundant grace and blessings;
I have time and attention for the sisters and brothers
who live in poverty.

And, Dear Jesus, I am more attentive
to our common home.
There is a deeper awareness
about how my behaviors contribute
to pollution of air, land and sea.

So, aided by Your tremendous love and blessing, these days,
I can see the dignity of many of the people
who come into my life.
Further, I am more generous
about the gift of creation.
Please help me to lessen my excesses
so that others can share in the clean water
and have pure air to breathe.

Praise be to You, Lord Jesus Christ,
who makes all things possible.


-Columban Fr. Tom Glennon

May 23, 2018

Blessed are you, Father,
who, in your infinite love,
gave us your only-begotten Son.
By the power of the Holy Spirit,
he became incarnate
in the spotless womb of the Virgin Mary
and was born in Bethlehem two thousand years ago.
He became our companion on life's path
and gave new meaning to our history,
the journey we make together
in toil and suffering, 
in faithfulness and love,
towards the new heaven and the new earth where you,
once death has been vanquished,
will be all in all.

May 22, 2018

By your grace, O Father,
may we experience a time of deep conversion
and of joyful return to you.
May it be a time of reconciliation between people,
and of peace restored among nations,
a time when swords are beaten into ploughshares
and the clash of arms
gives way to songs of peace.
Father, grant that we may live this year
docile to the voice of the Spirit,
faithful to the way of Christ,
diligent in listening to your Word
and in approaching the wellsprings of grace.

May 21, 2018

O Mary, bright dawn of the new world,
grant that all who believe in your Son
may proclaim the Gospel of life
with honesty and love
to the people of our time.
Obtain for them the grace
to accept that Gospel
as a gift ever new,
the joy of celebrating it with gratitude
throughout their lives
and the courage to bear witness to it resolutely, in order to build,
together with all people of good will,
the civilization of truth and love,
to the praise and glory of God,
the Creator and lover of life. 

May 20, 2018

O God,on this day
You teach the hearts of Your faithful people
by the light of Your Holy Spirit.
Grant us by the same Spirit
a right judgment in all things
and ever to rejoice in His consolations.

Purify us from every stain of sin
and save our souls,
O gracious Lord.

May 19, 2018

Mother of the Redeemer,
we entrust to you the Church
which acknowledges you
and invokes you as Mother.
To you, Mother of the human family
and of the nations,
we confidently entrust the whole of humanity,
with its hopes and fears.
Do not let it lack the light of true wisdom.
Guide its steps in the ways of peace.
Enable all to meet Christ,
the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
Sustain us, 0 Virgin Mary,
on our journey of faith
and obtain for us the grace of eternal salvation.

May 18, 2018

O Queen of the Apostles,
we resolve from this moment to devote our talents,
learning, material resources,
our health, sickness and trials,
and every gift of nature and grace,
for the greater glory of God
and the salvation of all.
We wish to carry on those activities
which especially promote the catholic apostolate
for the revival of faith
and love of the people of God
and so bring all men and women
into the faith of Jesus Christ.
And if a time should come
when we have nothing more to offer serviceable to this end,
we will never cease to pray
that there will be one fold
and one shepherd Jesus Christ.
In this way, we hope to enjoy the results
of the apostolate of Jesus Christ
for all eternity.


May 17, 2018

O Lord of Peace, the world awaits.
It cries of children torn from families.
Of mothers broken and shattered.
Of fathers helpless and distraught.

O Lord of Peace, the world awaits.
Bless this world, O Lord,
with the peace You promised.
Begin in me Your work of peace;
guide me in the path of peace
complete in me Your peace.

May Your peace bring healing
to wounds caused by hate and anger.
May Your peace move us to act.
Grant us the grace to be merciful and understanding,
Removing indifference and be more loving.

O Lord of Peace, the world awaits
when children return to their families,
of mothers whole and complete,
of fathers strong and hopeful.

O Lord of Peace, the world awaits.

- Columban Fr. Kurt Zion Pala

May 16, 2018

O Mary, powerful as an army,
grant victory to our ranks.
We are very weak
and our enemy rages with uttermost conceit.
But under your banner
we are confident of overcoming him.
Save us, O Mary,
fair as the moon,
bright as the sun,
awe inspiring as an army set in battle array
and sustained not by hatred
but by the ardor of love.


May 15, 2018

Look down most Blessed Virgin,
upon all your children.
Heed the anguish of so many people,
fathers and mothers of families
who are uncertain about their future
and beset by hardships and cares.
Soothe the minds of those at war
and inspire them with "thoughts of peace."
Through your intercession,
may God turn to mercy.
May He give back to nations
the tranquility they seek
and bring them to a lasting age
of genuine prosperity.

May 14, 2018

I love You, O my God.
With all my soul,
With all my mind,
With all my strength,
Above all possessions and honors,
More than myself and everything belonging to me,
More than all my relatives and friends,
More than all men and angels,
Above all created things in heaven and on earth,
Because You are the sovereign Good.

May 13, 2018

Mother of mothers, you courageously accepted
motherhood in troubled times,
Pray for All Mothers.

Bringing forth life in difficult situations;
Experiencing the sorrows of motherhood;
Nurturing the Spirit in their children;
Embracing all children, not just their own.

Mother of mothers, pray for all mothers
on this Mother’s Day and every day.


- By a Columban Missionary

May 12, 2018

My God,
Who possesses in incomprehensible abundance
all that is perfect and worthy of love,
kindle in my heart
the pure fire of Your love,
so that I may love nothing
but You or in You until,
being entirely consumed
by holy love of You,
I may go to love You eternally
with the elect in heaven,
the country of pure love.



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