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Lenten Prayer

March 7, 2018

Grant us, we beseech You, O Lord,
the help of Your grace:
that duly applying ourselves to fasting and prayers,
we may be delivered from enemies of mind and of body.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
Who lives and reigns,
with the Holy Spirit,
One God, world without end.


Blessed Is the One Who Comes in the Name of the Lord

March 6, 2018

Blessed are You, Lord
You offered Your life for us;
You accepted Your death for us;
You rose again for us.

Blessed are You, Lord,
You left Your peace for us;
You shared Your life with us;
You sent Your Holy Spirit
to befriend us.

We give You thanks, Lord,
For the countless blessing
You have won for us.


- Columban Fr. Pat Sayles

The Joy of Your Friendship

March 5, 2018

“That my joy may remain in you.” (John 15:11)
There are moments when all of us
can feel a certain emptiness,
can glimpse despair
and sense how dreadful life would be
devoid of meaning or purpose.

Perhaps that is what the disciples
experienced at Your death.
and then, Lord, they experienced anew
the delight of sharing with You,
and You calling them friends.

Yes, Lord without You
life loses its meaning and purpose.
Without You our joys are short-lived.
For You are life itself,
and the meaning and purpose of life,
and Your friendship is a treasure
like nothing else on earth.
Lord, may I always know
the joy of Your friendship.


- Columban Fr. Pat Sayles

Spirit of Love

March 4, 2018

Lord, You have filled me
with Your Spirit of love and goodness.
Lead me out of the darkness of selfishness
that I may be a light
of faith, hope and love
to others in need.

Give me the courage to accept
the painful, ugly realities of life
and become Your advocate
of truth and justice in the world

Teach Me

March 3, 2018

Lord, guide me in Your truth
and teach me Your ways.
Forgive me for the times I have withheld
mercy, compassion, and love
from my sisters and brothers.
Show me how to use
the gifts of love and goodness
You have created in me.

Lord, You have blessed us
with Your goodness and love.
Help me to make
Your kindness and compassion
known to all people
by my life example.
Help me to fulfill
Your law of love.

Into the Spirit of Lent

March 2, 2018

Lord, as we enter into Lent
may we strive each day
to deepen Your friendship with You
so as to make this a time of Your grace,
a season of Your favor.

Deepen us a desire to please You,
to overcome things that hinder us
from lifting our minds and hearts to You.
May these precious days of Lent not be wasted.

Help us clear a way the things
that keep the goodness of your love
from shining down on us,
so we can grow in friendship with You,
with the warmth of Your love,
just like a new blossom springing forth
under the warmth of the sun.


- Columban Fr. Pat Sayles

A Prayer of Thanks

March 1, 2018

Thank you, Thank you;
the women and men murmur politely.
It was a crowded room of 93
people experiencing homelessness.

On this cold winter day, they repeated their gratitude;
the prayerful expressions of appreciation
for the food and companionship.

Thank you Lord Jesus for the graciousness
of the people who have little materially
but, are rich in grace and gratitude.

- Columban Fr. Thomas Glennon

Cleanse Us

February 28, 2018

Mercifully, O Lord,
work Your sanctification within us
by means of these mysteries;
may they both cleanse us from earthly vices,
and lead us to Heavenly gifts.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ,
Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
One God world without end.


We Desire You

February 27, 2018

Look down upon Your household, O Lord,
and grant that our souls,
chastened by the mortification of the flesh,
may glow in Your sight with the desire for You.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
Who lives and reigns with You
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God
world without end.


Give Me Wisdom

February 26, 2018

Almighty God,
You know the perils that surround me,
and how easy it would be for me to slip and fall.
Give me the wisdom that I need to do Your bidding,
and avoid the snares that are set before me.

My path is dark before me.
Send Your Holy Spirit to fill me with your light,
and to guide me.

Help me do Your will,
and to do what is best for me
and those who depend on me.

Grant me the grace of wisdom.
Make me wise enough to choose truth over falsehood,
that I may not be deceived to my own undoing,
and to the harm of others.
In Jesus' name.


Walk with God

February 25, 2018

Dear God, help me to walk with you throughout the day.
Give me today
some of the wisdom that is in Your words,
some of the love that is in your heart,
some of the help that is in your hands.
Give me today
some of Your patience with people,
some of Your ability to bear slights and insults
and bitterness without resentment,
some of Your ability to forgive.
Help me to live in such a way today
that others may know that I began the day with You,
and that I am walking with You,
however dimly,
others may see You in me.


We Rest in You

February 24, 2018

Loving Lord Jesus,
whose hands are underneath our lowest feelings
to support us as we rest in you.
Hold me in this dark place 
and sustain my life with your hope.
Let the light of your love warm my heart,
and your Holy Spirit, the comforter,
be with me to lift me up.


Wedding Anniversary Prayer

February 23, 2018

May God bless you and grant you joy.
May He deepen your love for each other.
May He bless you + in your family and friends,
And lead you to unending happiness in Heaven.

May Almighty God,
Father, Son, + and Holy Spirit,
Bless us all, 
And keep us in His love for ever and ever.


For Family and Friends at Home

February 22, 2018

O God, Protector of all people and nations,
protect my family and friends at home
from the violence and evil of others.
Keep them safe from the weapons of hate and destruction
and guard them against the deeds of evildoers.
Grant them your protection and care
in tranquility and peace.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.

I Commend my Soul

February 21, 2018

O holy Mother,
into the bosom of your tender mercy,
this day, every day of my life,
and at the hour of my death,
I commend my soul and body.

To you I entrust all my hopes and consolations,
all my trials and miseries,
my life and the end of my life,
that all my actions may be ordered
and disposed according to your will
and that of your Divine Son. 



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