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Daily Prayer Archive

September 16, 2019

O Virgin, fair as the moon,
delight of the angels and saints in heaven,
grant that we may become like you
and that our souls may receive a ray of your beauty,
which does not decline with the years
but shines forth into eternity.
O Mary, sun of heaven,
restore life where there is death
and enlighten spirits where there is darkness.
Turn your countenance to your children
and radiate on us your light and your fervor.
O Mary, powerful as an army,
grant victory to our ranks.
We are very weak
and our enemy rages with uttermost conceit.
But under your banner
we are confident of overcoming him. 
Save us, O Mary,
fair as the moon,
bright as the sun,
awe inspiring as an army set in battle array
and sustained not by hatred
but by the ardor of love.


September 15, 2019

O Loving Mother, join your prayers to our petitions
for those who do not cease to be your children
even though they have abandoned the faith and fallen into sin.
May a remembrance of your love and beauty
touch their hearts at depths we cannot reach.
As at Pentecost, so now pray for the Church;
pray for our parish, our priests, our Brothers and our Sisters,
and for all of us, who strive to serve others
in the name of Jesus, your Son.
With all generations, we will ever call you blessed, O Mary,
our Mother of Perpetual Help, for God, the Almighty,
has indeed done great things for you,
and you have been and are so gracious to us:
O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.

September 14, 2019

The Cross is my sure salvation.
The Cross I ever adore.
The Cross of my Lord is with me.
The Cross is my refuge.

September 13, 2019

Hail, O Mother glory of our Church,
its foundation and ornament.
Earnestly pray for us to Jesus,
your Son and Our Lord,
that through your intercession
we may have mercy on the day of judgment.
Pray that we may receive all those good things
which are reserved for those who love God.
Through the grace and favor of Our Lord,
Jesus Christ, to whom, with the Father
and the Holy Spirit, be power, honor, and glory,
now and forever.


September 12, 2019

Dear Mary, my holy mother,
I love you so much
and I give you my heart.
Help me to love God.
Help me to love my neighbor
as a child of God.
Help me to love myself
as a child of God.


September 11, 2019

Lord, I come here today
to revere the memory of those
whom you have called from this life.

I come to the place where their remains
were returned to the earth
in the way of all flesh.

Earth to earth and dust to dust.
Here is where they were entrusted
into your hands, into your love.

Here is where they were given
the final farewell, and prayers
for a safe journey into your keeping.

Here is where I especially ask you
to bestow on them the joy of your peace,
so that together with you
in your eternal home,
where this world of dust and ashes
and the fragility of this life
no longer hold sway,
they will find eternal rest.


September 10, 2019

Lord Jesus, lifted up on the Cross
You offered yourself for us all.

Your wounds for our healing,
Your sufferings for our faults,
Your agony for our peace,
Your forgiveness for our sins,
Your thirst for our comfort,
Your blood for our redemption,
Your death for our life.

Lifted up on the Cross
You promised the repentant thief
a place with you in paradise,
lifted up as a sign in the desert
You promised to draw us all to yourself.

Lord, grant to my departed family and friends
the gift of life with you in paradise,
draw them all to yourself
in the kingdom of love and peace
where sorrows turn to joy,
and we are made whole again
in your eternal love.


September 9, 2019

God our Heavenly Father, You have given us life
through the Death and Resurrection
of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ;

Jesus, our Saving Lord, You came into a world
darkened by man’s sin
and gave it light through your teachings;

Holy Spirit, the Breath of God within us,
you guide and enlighten us
and give us the strength of our convictions;

St. Peter Claver, who became an example for us,
you showed us the Love of God,
The Light of Christ, and the strength of the Holy Spirit;
We pray now that all we say and do, in your honor,
be a continuation of your work here on earth.

St. Peter Claver, pray for us.

September 8, 2019

Dear St. Ann,
You were truly twice blessed to have
our blessed Mother As your daughter
and Jesus our Savior As your grandson.
I know that every period of our lives
has its responsibilities and joys.

Today, it seems that grandparents
are either shunted aside to do nothing,
or are called upon to do everything.
Help me to know just where my duties lie
and to carry them out as best I can.

Take care of my family,
my children, and their children.
Inspire them all to follow your Grandson
and lead truly Christian lives.

Keep all of us in your loving care,
Never let us turn away from Jesus,
And help us in the end to receive the joy
Of entering into your Grandsons’
Glorious presence forever.

Good St. Ann pray for us grandparents.


September 7, 2019

Most holy, immaculate Virgin Mary,
to your motherly heart Jesus entrusted his disciples
and to us He has given you.
I thank you, O most beautiful and noble of women,
that you have always loved me as a mother,
and I want to provide afresh for you an honored place in my life.
Obtain for me from Jesus
the gift of a new beginning and a new heart:
a heart open and obedient to God's Word;
a heart simple as a child's;
a heart bold in sacrifice;
a chaste heart;
a thankful heart;
a compassionate heart;
a heart like yours,
O Mary.
Envelop in your mercy, dear Mother,
all my dear ones and all who have a special claim to your help

September 6, 2019

Treasured in time immeasurable
how much more then are we
in glorious splendor adorned,
clothed in richest glory.

For those who have died
life is changed, not ended.

In your goodness, Lord, we pray
their faults and failings mended
and heaven’s crown thus won,
we will remember them transformed
into the image of your divinity,
we will think of them changed into glory.


September 5, 2019

Blessed Teresa,
you promised to continuously
bring the light of love to those on earth;
pray for us that we also may long
to satisfy the burning thirst
of Jesus by loving Him ardently,
sharing in His sufferings joyfully,
and serving Him wholeheartedly
in our brothers and sisters,
especially those most unloved and unwanted.

September 4, 2019

Lord, thank You for the gift of education in every form.
As our children start a new school year,
may confidence be their foundation,
may grace be their guide and may hope
be their compass toward a bright future.

I pray they have eyes to see
the needs of those around them
and a heart to love well.

May they face each day with positivity
knowing that no matter what come their way,
they do not have to face it alone.

September 3, 2019

O Lord, You received affronts
without number from Your blasphemers,
yet each day You free captive souls
from the grip of the ancient enemy.

You accepted Your scourging without murmur,
yet through your meditation
You deliver us from endless chastisements.

You endured ill-treatment of all kinds,
yet You want to give us a share
in the choirs of angels in glory everlasting.

You did not refuse to be crowned with thorns,
yet You save us from the wounds of sin.

In your thirst You accepted the bitterness of gall,
yet You prepare Yourself to fill us with eternal delights.

You kept silence under the derisive homage
rendered You by Your executioners,
yet You petition the Father for us
although You are his equal in Divinity.

You came to taste death,
yet You were the Life
and had come to bring it to the dead.


September 2, 2019

Heavenly Father,
On this Labor Day, we thank You
for the talents you have bestowed upon us
and for the gift to share them through work.

Smile upon those who are unemployed or underemployed.
Provide guidance and encouragement
for all those seeking employment.
Grant that they may find meaningful, rewarding work.

Be with those who work tirelessly for the good of all.
Protect them and grant them peace in their endeavors.

We ask this in the name of Jesus, who lives and reigns
with you and the Holy Spirit now and forever.



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