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100 Points of Light - 1933

By 1933, the Columbans had maintained a presence in East Asia for well over a decade, and were now discussing the possibility of branching out to other Asian countries.

The nine newly-ordained Columban Fathers arrived in China in autumn of 1933, got a surprise when they learned that would be sent on to Korea, to establish a new Columban mission there.

Their leader would be Columban Father Owen MacPolin, one of the original Columbans who went to China in 1920, and the headquarters for the new mission would be in the town of Mokpo, in the southwestern region of Korea.

In the coming decades, the Columbans would endure extreme hardship in Korea, including the violence and savagery of World War II and the Korean War, murders, imprisonments, and intimidation of Columbans by North Korean and South Korean dictatorial regimes, among many other ordeals.

Nonetheless, through it, all, the Columbans persevered, to found parishes, create countless charitable and economic projects, and expand to other locations in Korea.

The Columbans had further advanced their international character and were increasing their missions in Asia.