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Leaving a Legacy

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Your legacy should be an act of thanks to God for His blessings to you. Through your estate planning you can continue to provide for others even after God has called you to Himself.

It is God’s will that all people be saved and come to knowledge of the truth. You can help make His plan for the world known by remembering the work of the Columban Fathers in your estate plan. Make your commitment to mission known in your legacy giving.


You may leave a bequest to our mission work in your will by specifying that we are to receive the residue of your estate after you have provided for your loved ones. You may specify a fixed percentage of your estate be left to us or name us as the beneficiary of a specific dollar amount.

Certificates of Deposit, Bank Accounts or Annuities

Simply add the Columban Fathers as a payable on death beneficiary on these types of accounts, and the legacy of your philanthropic giving continues after your death.

Life Insurance

A good way for you to continue your commitment to our mission work is to include the Columban Fathers as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy.


When you name anyone other than your spouse as beneficiary of your IRA, it will be exposed to heavy taxation, leaving less for your heirs than you had hoped. Upon your death, the income tax bill can take as much as 39.6%, and that percentage can be even higher if your estate is subject to estate taxes. If, however, the Columban Fathers is named as the beneficiary, 100% of the remaining funds will be used to continue your legacy of mission support.

Donor Advised Funds

You may want to consider contacting your local community foundation to explore the possibility of a donor advised fund. This type of giving program would allow you to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to easily support our mission work.